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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mixology : [Trying Again With] Flax Seed Gel

Blessings and love beauties and gents!

Blessed good Friday to all! May God's awesome power, that raised Christ from the dead, be continually at work in our lives & may He give us a fresh revelation of the depth of the sacrifice made on the cross of calvary, which is the basis of your salvation.

Today was a very eventful day for me and might I add tiring & productive. After reading natural queen Bine's motivational post on her try with flax seed gel (she also featured me on her wonderful blog! For those of you that speak French, or are just curious check out the post here), I felt brave enough to give it another try. My first try with flax seed gel was over a year ago. Not only didn't I really know how to squeeze flax seed gel into my regimen but making it was a real dilemma. However, today, I was quite excited to give it another try. Well, I can tell you that it wasn't as successful as I'd planned it to be but I have benefited from the experience.
Here's what I did :

First try

To avoid having a hard time separating the gel from the seeds, I put the flax seed into a tea filter.

check out the mini mug that came with the filter

I started out with 1 tbsp of seeds and 175 ml of water.

The filter was not covered by the water so I tilted the pot to the side so the water would cover it.

When the water boiled, there was still no appearance of a gel so I accepted the fact that this tea filter idea was not going to work.

I reused the same seeds and added 25 ml of seed and 400 ml of water.

After the water started boiling and gel started appearing, I sieved out the flax seeds, leaving a clear brown liquid behind. 

It wasn't really like a gel but I went ahead and added :

1 tsp of coconut oil
1 tsp of honey
1 tsp of  grapefruit seed extract 1/2 a tsp of vitamin E
3 drops of rosemary EO
3 drops of peppermint EO
3 drops of ylang ylang EO
3 drops of vanilla scent

I mixed everything with a spoon and ended up with a cream colored thick liquid. I put the mix in a pump bottle.


Not being satisfied with that mix, I decided to try again.

Second try

I used 50 ml of new flax seeds gel and 300 ml of water.

This time, I left the mix on the fire for too long. While trying to get the gel out by using the stocking method I nearly burned my hands and ended up 1 tbsp of a thick glob.


Third try

I reused the last seeds and put them in 400 ml water.

This time I got took the pot off the fire before the mix started boiling too much. I sieved and got a gel.

I put in the same things as the first try (except for coconut oil -- I used olive oil instead & vanilla scent -- I forgot). I poured the mix in a pump bottle.

Both mixes have different viscosities and though the third one is thicker, it's still not as thick as I'd like it to be. I will be using the first one as a sort of moisturizer & the third one to help with my updos.  I would also like to try them out in a DC treatment. By the way, I must say that the two smell quite good which is a big deal for me because I'm not really a big fan of most scents & easily get sick of some. I like the smell of the flax seed gel alone though but the essential oils add a bit of...zest to it. I put the used seeds in an old honey jar which I then placed in the fridge. However, I might throw them away because I hate it when things spoil & that's what happened when I tried keeping the used seeds the very first time I tried flax seed gel.
Overall, I am not really pleased with the mixes and I am also disappointed that my "was supposed to be innovative" tea filter idea didn't work but as I stated, it was a beneficial experience. I guess there's no perfecting it before trying it. But, I am really motivated to master this once and for all! So with that being said, I will keep you posted!

Have you ever tried flax seed gel? 
If so, how did it go? What do you use it for? Any tips?



  1. When I'm straining out my flax seeds from my gel, I've found that dumping the mix in some muslim/cheesecloth helps me when I'm squeezing the life out of it.
    Naptural85 uses a pair of tights...

    Hope that helps a little!

    1. Thank you! I've tried the stocking idea by Naptural85 but it never really works (as it did for her) for me. Thank you for the tip though! I think the cheesecloth sounds a tad better.

  2. Great idea (the tea strainer thing) .. I was really rooting for you & wishing it'd work :-( May I suggest (if you go with using a pair of tights method like Naptural85) that you try using/wearing a silicone glove to keep your hands safe.

    Good luck - Hope that also helps :-)


    1. Thank you. Yes I was also really hoping it'd work. I will definitely note that down & try using gloves next time! Thank you very much for the tip :)


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