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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hair Update : The Highest Bun

My hair, these days, has been styled in buns & updos. I am really enjoying both sorts but I have mostly been experimenting just how far I can go with buns. Buns for me constitute a very easy and protective style that can be worn for any occasion. For now, I prefer to wear a fringe with my buns but as I stated above, I'm still playing around with the different variations I can come up with.
Today, I went higher than I'd ever done. Now looking at the pictures, I realize it's not as high as I was aiming for but it's still pretty high considering my past buns.

My hair was in a pretty shrunken state but it still cooperated however for best results, I would advice prior stretching.

What are your experiences with buns?



  1. I like your bun. I personally have never had enough hair to wear a bun. Not even a low one on my nape.

    1. Thank you sis. It will surely come :)

  2. Nice!!! I'm able to pull my hair up but its not enough hair to consider it a "bun" yet lol! Can't wait til I can start bunning for real though. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you sis!! It's a pleasure!! I also couldn't wait about a year ago...You will soon be bunning! :)

  3. Cute style I love it !
    I didn't really experiment with buns but I plan to do so as part of a protective hairstyle challenge (I have to let go mini-twist which aren't a challenge for me).

    Just in case you won't see it I had off topic question if I may ask you :
    - Can you tell me what are the ingredients of the 2 hand-made black soap you tried ?

    Best regards,

    1. Thank you sis!! Would love to see you wear buns! *curious about your chalenge :)*

      Yes sure :

      The Ghanian one contains coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa pods
      the Nigerian one I'm not too sure but it is an old recipe and I'm sure there is shea butter in there and plantain ash...However, I mix the soap with water, oils to get a thick paste because the soap alone would be hard to use because it easily breaks off.
      I really hope that helps ^^

    2. Yes it helps a lot you have no idea, I was thinking these past days to mix soaps I have (not black soap) with oils and maybe some actives and I don't know how to do it so I'm curious about your process to do so ? (I want to add cocoa butter wich is very hard buttr and palm oil)

      Ps: the challenge is the one started by the blogger Hair Challenges, during 4 months I'll have to keep my hair in protective hairstyle (except twist from may), and do at least a weekly hair care. So it will be the occasion to step out of my comfort zone (aka mini-twist) and to experiment with various styles like buns :)

    3. So glad it helped sis!! That sounds nice! Cocoa butter would make for a soap-like mix when it comes to how thick it would be. I eyeball thie mix so it's not precise but I put the soap I want to mix in a heat proof bowl, put it over a pot with boiling water then let it melt partially. After it melts, add coconut oil, olive oil, honey, a bit of shea butter and a bit of camwood if I have some. (the dudu osun contains camwood, in fact the "osun" means camwood in Yoruba) after that I mix over the fire. I don't let it be too runny. Then I take it off the fire and let cool. Depending on what I mix and the quantities, I get a paste or liquid soap. I really hope that helps :)

      The challenge sounds REALLY good but is there a norm of what type of protective styles exactly you can wear?

    4. Okay I'll try that soon thank you I can hardly find out what was camwood (bois de cam ou bois de coeur) on internet :s what's its benefits and where do you usually find it ?
      Just to be sure you don't add water and to have a liquid or paste soap it's better to not use cocoa butter except if I want a "casual" soap ? Do you think I can obtain a harden soap using the melting method ?

      There's no norm as long as it's a protective style, I've decided to really challenge myself that's why I won't do mini-twists.

      I know lot of questions ^-^ but that's the last one :)

    5. Hey! It's a pleasure answering your questions so ask away!
      I should actually precise it's camwood powder, and it's red. I usually get it from Nigeria...It might not be so widespread. It is also called African sandalwood...It softens the skin, makes it supple & gives it a glowing effect It's been used for centuries in African cosmetics (at least In Nigeria).
      Sorry but I didn't precise you do need water to melt the soap. The more water you put the more liquid like it will be. I always get a thick paste with not too much water so adding coconut butter will surely thicken the mix and turn it into a solid bar which could be a good thing.
      It's great that you're challenging yourself! It's always good to step out of one's comfort zone..it's the only way growth can happen.
      Hope that helps :)

  4. I've been considering chopping all my hair off, as it just feels like there has been no growth whatsoever within the last 2 years. It seems to have got thicker but length is not my friend for some reason. Anyway with all of the that I've lost all faith in my hair. So I decided to come on my blog page and check out who I'd started following and there was your picture (inspirational), it made me think twice about chopping my hair off. I'm going to start experimenting with high buns in braids and see how I go. Thank you so much, I will start reading your blog more often..

    1. Hey Lx!! Thank you for stopping by! It's really a pleasure to know my picture was inspirational to you. All the glory be to God. Since you say your hair seems to have gotten thicker, then your hair is certainly growing, however, the dilemma could be in length retention. Please, it's not time to stop believing in your hair's potential but to step back and try and see what has not been and what ha been working. Therefore, I would, if I may, advice you not to start putting your hair through any stress that high buns and braids can implement. I would advice caring for your hair as much as possible, building a healthy hair regimen and wearing loose styles for now but with little manipulation to your hair as you try and retain all your length. I really hope that has helped. Please, do not hesitate to ask any question you may have.


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