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Friday, March 23, 2012

Hair Update : Twisting Habits

After the take down

Blessed Friday beauties and gents!
After my post yesterday, it only seemed right to follow it with an update on my hair. As I stated yesterday, I'd put in small twists to avoid manipulating my hair. Yesterday, after nearly two weeks, I took down the twists. Now compared to my other experiences with twists, this one was quite okay. If you've been reading long enough & attentively, you'd know my small twists haven't really been a success story to my hair. They usually leave my hair dry & cause mild breakage, however, this time round, there was little to no breakage and my hair didn't dry out!
Here's what I learnt --

To maintain moisture & prevent your hair from drying out :

 deep condition before twisting to get the basic amount of moisture into your strands.

 twist with a water based cream. This supplies your hair with a fresh dose of moisture that will sustain your hair during the period of wearing the twist. Try using creams with an humectant that will help trap in as much moisture as possible.

● twist with a cream that contains sealants such as oils & butters to seal in the moisture. 

twist with a gel-like cream to keep your hair from unraveling, frizzing and keeps your hair looking neat.

What I used to do that didn't work --

 twisting with a butter mix alone : my hair dried out over the days because it had not been supplied with enough moisture. It also doesn't not prevent frizz & the twists end up looking messy in a few days

 twisting on dry hair : Same problem as the above point.

I would also advice taking down the twists with care or with a water based cream/conditioner that will ease the take down and prevent knots.

I concluded the day with a much needed wash for my hair followed by some deep conditioning & detangling.

What are your tips for the best twists?



  1. I like the twist out! Looks good.

  2. Tips before twisting :
    - rhassoul clay mask mixture
    - stretched the hair before it is completly dry, using african threading banding method (according to the moment I put products before I make the thread braid or once I took it out right before I start to twist)

    Tips while twisting :
    - work in sections

    Tips to take care of :
    - moisturize and seal daily
    - pre-poo then wash weekly

    Right now I'm trying something new to see how long I can keep my twist without to much shrinkage and it involves :
    - moisturize with homemade gel then seal with homemade balm daily
    - weekly do GHE withe gel and oil infusion
    - washing the scalp only weekly using cotton and shikakai infusion

    Tips to undo them :
    - oil & fingers
    - once done I pre-poo and wash

    That's pretty much it ^-^

    1. Wow!! Thank you so much sis for sharing!! I really appreciate it :)

      I have been REALLY hesitant about washing my hair while in twists because I'm scared it'll become matted.
      I'm really curious about your shikakai infusion though ^^

      Thanks again!

    2. My pleasure ;)

      I've tried washing my hair in twist weekly it's okay as long as I pre-poo first and if I don't go over 3 weeks. I tried 4 weeks following the same routine (I didn't mention the daily moisture then sealing on the twists) but some sections started to be really matted :s.

      I've talked about it in a post but to resume :
      - 1 tspoon of shikakai in a small amount of boiled water (you can add wtv you want even try it with another powder or wtv I add 1 hibiscus flower some green tea gum)
      --> use this mix to wash by soaking the cotton, wring it then rubbin it on the scalp
      - water (you can add actives to it I added butcher's broom extract)
      --> use this mix to rinse same way

      (sorry if I'm too wordy but sometimes I don't know the "true" meaning of expression so when you writed "I'm really curious..." I didn't know if it meant "I'de like to know more about it" or just to say "I might be interested by this" so in case I give you more details :D)

      Congrats on your 2 years ;)! And thank YOU for your positives vibes throughout ^-^

    3. Lol! I know what you mean sis but I did really want to know about it so a big MERCI for sharing!! :) I really appreciate all your help & will to share!
      Thank YOU, for all the support and love! God bless you sis! I appreciate you! :)


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