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Friday, February 24, 2012

Questions We Ask : How Do I Get Thick Hair?


We've all asked ourselves this question before and if not, most of us. Some naturals - myself included, upon giving up perming, start off their natural hair journey with unhealthy, thin and near-lifeless permed strands of hair. When I first started my natural hair journey, the second time round, my hair wasn't in such a bad condition but it wasn't living up to it's full potential - something it couldn't seem to do with me perming it.
Therefore, after doing the big chop, I definitely found my 6 months worth of growth to be a lot less thin than when I used to wear my hair permed, however, it just wasn't as thick as other naturals' hair.

Two mistakes led to this assessment : my wrongly comparing my hair to other naturals' hair and my lack of appropriate knowledge at the time.

When it comes to the thickness of hair, there are two things that really matter and that contribute to it :

1. genes

2. care

The first factor, genes, as we all know, cannot be altered. Genetics play a key role in hair growth and though this is not a genetics crash course, I will say you cannot have what is not written in your genes because your whole make-up is structured by your genes - everything inherited from past generations. This leads us to this : you cannot have thick hair if it's not written in your genes. It's as simple as that. Some have thin hair because it is what they have inherited. Not every natural queen have that "big hair" we all seem to love and talk about. They might not have thick hair but they've got their own type of big hair. 
The second factor, care, is something that is definitely in our hands and can be controlled. Caring for your hair properly is a good place to start when working towards thick hair. This care starts from the roots of your hair. Our hair grows from the scalp and though it has some benefits, obsessively cutting off your ends does not grow thick hair. To have thick hair means that every micrometer of your scalp is fulfilling it's potential by letting hair grow out of it and for this to happen, your scalp has to be in perfectly healthy condition. To ensure the healthiness of your scalp, frequent washes, scalp oiling & massages, scalp rinses and scalp scrubs could be in store. Extra care in carefully choosing oils, ingredients and herbs that prevent [excess] shedding and thus prevent loss of hair that adds to the overall thickness of the hair is an extra mile towards thick hair.

Another thing we need to deal with when opting for thick hair is patience. The way we go on about thick hair, we seem to think it grows over night. We talk about products, and ingredients that just make our hair thick overnight. This is not true and certainly far from being realistic. Thick hair comes with time. After stopping the perm and/or start caring for our hair, thick hair starts to grow - sooner or later depending on the natural - but the thickness of the hair is only apparent when all this hair have grown out and attained a certain length. 

I speak from personal experience when I say I have seen my hair go from thin, to not so thin, to thick and then thicker hair. Genetically, I have thick hair but it didn't just come on it's own. My hair didn't start to thicken until about a year after I had stopped perming my hair and had started properly caring for it. Depending on your experience while perming and how you care for your hair, that time frame in between before your roots start to thicken is a sort of  recovery time for your scalp. However, if the thick hair doesn't come like you'd hope for, embrace your strands all the same. We have not been made alike at all. Nobody has the same strands  like your own. Mine are different and so are yours. This leads me to ask, what is the definition of thick hair? If there is no norm, who can say this is thick hair or that is thick hair? For me, thick hair depends on the natural queen. Each natural has the ability to grow thick beautiful hair but in her own personal and unique ability.

At the end of it all, stop searching for the "perfect curl", the "best definition", "curl looseners" and that "big hair". Love your very own head of hair and be patient. If big hair or silky bouncy curls are part of your hair characteristics, they will certainly be substantiated in due time and with proper care.

*However, if you feel your hair is not growing as it should be, try paying attention to why it might not be doing so and applying some special care*


  1. There are a few ways that we can have thick hair . . . genetically. And this took a while for me to understand. If each strand is fine (like mine) but there is great deal of hair, one might be considered to have thick hair. All my life, I was told that I had thick hair but it wasn't until much later in life that I understood that my "thickness" comes from volume. By contrast, one might have plentiful thick strands and be classified as having thick hair or thick strands with medium volume and still be considered to have thick hair. As the hair heals from its former chemical prison, the hair will, as yours did, develop over time. I'm not sure if I believe that hair shedding should be prevented. It is natural for us to shed. This prevention occurs naturally during pregnancy but perhaps there are other ways but this hair will eventually have to be released, no?

    1. Yes indeed sis. It really depends on each person and there is different. I also used to be told I had thick hair back when I was perming my hair but it was also just volume. Regarding the shedding, you are right, it is totally natural and I actually meant excess shedding and premature hair loss. Thank you for sharing sis.

    2. I agree with you Jazzwife. Density, Quantity and Volume are key points as well as the actual thickness of the strand itself. I look at folks with "a lot of Hair" and say Wow. I think this past 6 months I have ignited some growth and have created more thickness because of that growth. I am experiencing more volume to my hair and enjoying it. Now the tricky part is always retaining the length.. That is super hard with fine strands.

    3. Yes sis, you are right. These points are also important and are considered for thickness. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you for this post! My hair thinned out badly last March and now all I want is to fill in the thinned out spot. I have hope that the thinned out spot will eventually fill in as thick as it use to be.

    1. It's a pleasure sis. Try everyday scalp massages with castor oil/Peppermint EO/Coconut oil etc. THis should help! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Yea, my hair is thinning in the center. I think I have a horrible case of hand-in-hair syndrome because I definitely love to do the black-girl-pat in the center of my head!


    1. I see what you mean sis!! I also had to discipline myself in that area!


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