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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mixology : Blue Malva Hair Rinse

Dearest - I pray all is well with everyone. Yes, it's been days no but before I plunge into details about my hiatus, let me get to today's topic.
About two weeks ago, I decided to try some thing new - yet again. Blue malva hair rinse. I'd heard a number of things about blue malva and it's many benefits for the hair. My first attempts to get my hands on the herb were futile so I stopped however I suddenly stumbled across it months later and decided to try it out. Amongst other things, blue malva is said to be a great conditioner for the hair due to it's high mucilage content.

What I used 

300 ml/14 ounce of water

2 heaping tablespoons of dried blue malva flowers
What I did 

Boiled the water and added the blue malva flowers. Covered up the mix and left overnight. After washing my hair, deep conditioning and detangling, I applied the mix and didn't rinse it out.
My results 
After applying the rinse and letting my hair dry a bit, I found my hair felt really soft and conditioned. However, my hair feels like this at the end of a wash day so I cannot say it is solely because of the blue malva hair rinse. I am overall content at the results and I am quite sure the hair rinse contributed to the outcome of the wash day. Yet, I do believe it takes doing the rinse regularly to really see a difference, especially if you are suffering from serious breakage.

Have you ever tried blue malva?
If so, what were your results?


  1. Your post is the first time I have ever heard of blue malva.

    1. It's certainly not very popular but has great benefits

  2. Hey !! I've recently add few drops of "glycerinated" (sorry don't know if it's the right word I'm french) mallow extract to my water spray bottle. At first because it was an ingredient of a good brand dedicated to our hair so I was like let's just give it a try. And even if it's mixed with other actives in the spray it was sooo great, hair were soft well moisturized like even without sealing it hair stayed conditioned for a day. So I'm about to keep putting it into homemade spray.

    1. Thank you for sharing sis!! I really appreciate it!

  3. I can't find it anymore. Its not even at mountainroseherbs (as of this posting). :(


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