"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Length Check February 2012

It's that time again. Length check time. With all the buzz of the first month of the year, I nearly forgot about it. I was particularly excited about it due to the length goal I had for the ending of January 2012. So...not only was it time to gauge my progress but to also find out if I'd made my goal. I was supposed to have done it on the 31st of January but left it to a few days later.

Check out the pictures...

Compared to my December 2011 length check, the progress is not really perceptible however, I am happy to say that I have made the goal I had set for myself back in July and I am now at bra - strap length!

Check out the comparison...

I gave myself 6 months and at the time I gave myself the goal, I hadn't even fully reached APL [arm - pit length]. I am thrilled at the results of I got and give all the glory to God. I have not decided what my next length goal is but instead I am still focusing on healthy hair from root to tips. However, I will like to set another length goal and perhaps another hair challenge for the end of the year.

To all my natural and permed queens out there, I want you to know our hair does grow with proper care and education. However, I advise you to concentrate on growing and maintaining healthy hair instead of focusing on length. Healthy hair yields results so length will come anyway. I have learnt a lot of things so far on this journey and I've made my share of mistakes but right now, I have come to know my hair and it's needs and have been able to adapt it to my abilities to get my very one custom regimen. Caring for your hair is all about giving it what it need not about giving it what works for others or what looks good on others.

Stay strong on your journeys!



  1. congrats on reaching your goal!


  2. Yeah! So happy you made your goal.

  3. Congrats on reaching your goal miss :)

  4. Good for you! Your hair is growing so lavishly!:D

  5. great progress sis, keep up the good work.

  6. So proud of you sis!! What LONG hair you have! You have - yet again - taught me a lesson in determination! I wuv u ;)

    Tell the World

    1. Thank you sis :) All the glory be to God sis. Love you too :)

  7. Now that's what I'm talking about! Congratulations to you!! Keep up the great work.


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