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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Skin Care : A New Way To Shave


We've all been there. We hurriedly jump in the shower just before a day at the pool, beach or before setting off to the airport for a vacation in the sun. The apply the cream or whatever is written on the label and start scraping all in an attempt to rid our legs of all their so called unpleasant hair. At the end of the day, whether we are in a hurry or not, we are often only half satisfied. Scratched here, cuts there and still some hair left!

My personal experience with shaving creams and such has not been so great. Firstly, I don't shave my legs often. Call it what you want, but it's my reality. Why shave my legs when they are nearly always tucked away from under my pants or pantyhose? Secondly, most of the creams and gels I've tried have either not been effective enough, caused skin irritation and a whole lot of others things. 

However, when I started on my natural hair journey, it triggered a whole lot of other healthy habits so I was less inclined to use commercial shaving kits and thus sought natural, easy and cheap remedies to help with my shaving sessions. While searching, I tried different things, from oils to soap but never really found something that protected my skin against cuts, left it moisturized and helped the razor get rid of all the hair.

Until recently. Last week, I tried conditioner. Yes, everyday conditioner that you and I use to moisturize and condition our hair. Not only did it give the razor enough slip to easily glide on my skin and get rid of all the hair, but it also left my skin cut free and moisturized. It was a desperate attempt but it worked. 

Not only is conditioner much cheaper than commercial shaving creams and gels, but it does not contain the harsh chemicals - depending on the conditioner you use - used to fill most of them. I remember one of my old shaving creams used to leave my bathroom smelling like a mix of relaxer and hydrochloric acid. It was one of those ones you didn't have to use a razor for since  practically removed the hair strands from the epidermis itself.

If you do try this method, remember to use a conditioner with slip and that contains moisturizing, skin enhancing and sealing ingredients such as humectants, proteins and oils. Also use an easy-to-use razor and be gentle! Don't forget to rinse once you are done.

What are your alternatives to commercial shaving creams and gels?



  1. I've heard of people using hair conditioner to shave. I think I'll try it! It's just that my hair wants all the conditioner for itself! Lol!

  2. I haven't tried with a conditioner, but I do use my normal shampoo. It normally contains the same ingredients that are necessary for nice and easy shaving.

  3. I actually have a friend who shaves with conditioner, I can't remember which one but it is just a cheapy brand. I will try it this summer, I can't stand hairy legs.

  4. I have heard of this method from Teri LaFlesh. I had a bottle of conditioner that didn't work out for my hair so I used it on my legs. Now this is the only method I use to shave my legs.

  5. @ Precious : Lol!! A little goes a long way sis!

    @ smiley : I've heard shampoos can also be a good alternative! Thank you for sharing!

    @ naturallady : Any good old conditioner will do.

    @ JenJen : Also my only method now sis :)

  6. Hello...
    You can use the shower gels like softsoap brand to use if u shave n the shower, well me i shave in the direction coming up towards my head, not down towards my toes, but depends on wat way your hair grows.



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