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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Questions We Ask : To Cowash Or Not To Cowash?

Cowashing or "conditioner - washing" is a routine many naturals have adopted and practice actively. However, some naturals have shunned the practice and labeled it as unsuitable. 
Before we come to any conclusions, let's lay down all the facts.

What exactly is cowashing?
Cowashing is the act of washing the hair with just conditioner - ommiting the traditional shampooing and going straight to detangling with a conditioner. 
Many naturals do it on a regular basis while other do it depending on their hair needs.

What are the benefits of cowashing?
The reason why cowashing is so popular is because it's a quick and effective way to re - moisturize the hair. The hair is moisturized with water and the conditioner.

Why does cowashing work?
Cowashing works because the hair is spared from the possible drying effects of shampooing but instead treated directly to the moisturizing and conditioning effects of the conditioner.

What conditioners are used to cowash?
Any type of regular conditioner can used to cowash especially the inexpensive ones with a lot of slip and conditioning effects. 

What are the disadvantages of cowashing?
The first disadvantage of cowashing is product build up especially if you use products that contains ingredients (such as silicones) that are not water soluble. Product build up prevents moisture from getting into the hair strands and causes breakage. Therefore this defeats the very purpose of cowashing. Another disadvantage to cowashing is the lack of scalp cleansing which can lead to dirty scalp and stunt healthy hair growth. Too much cowashing can also tilt the protein/moisture balance towards moisture and cause breakage. 

To conclude, cowashing is an effective and easy way to keep the moisture levels up in your hair especially for those that have to wash their hair often and prefer not to shampoo during every wash. However, with it's benefits comes it's disadvantages. Cowashing is therefore best for those that use products that are water soluble or that also shampoo regularly (or another cleansing method) if there is the risk of product build up. In addition, if you cowash because your shampoo strips your hair, there is another remedy for that : moisturizing shampoos. At the end of the day, whether you cowash or not, depends on your lifestyle and hair needs.

Do you cowash?
Why or why not?



  1. GREAT post sis! I love a good co-wash, especially in the winter but I use a lot of product as well, so I need a good shampoo every week or two.

  2. I do a ever other method. I co-wash and then the next time I shampoo. This so far has worked well for me. I haven't had any scalp issues and I like how my hairs feels after a co-wash.

  3. Great & informative post! I cowash and shampoo once a week on different days of course, & my hair has been doing great because of it!


  4. @ Kiki : Thank you sis! :)

    @ JenJen : Sounds great!

    @ Crystal : Thank you sis!! Sounds great!

  5. i just want to say if you are going to co wash try the apple cider vinegar rinse


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