"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Naija Through My Eyes : The Future


Being  a lover and believer of my home country, Nigeria, I have decided to start a new topic on the blog called Naija Through My Eyes.

I know Nigeria can be nothing less than great, if we the people, are patient enough, unite as one and take a stand against the things that is tearing down the country.

Nigeria is beautiful. A beautiful blend of diverse cultures, traditions and languages; filled with opportunities, potential and a wealth of talent.
Nigeria is more than the 923 768 km squared landscape marked out on the West coast of Africa, no, Nigeria is about we - the people. We are Nigeria and Nigeria is us.
We carry Nigeria in our practices, thoughts, dreams, aspirations and work. 
Therefore, we are the future of Nigeria.
I am Nigeria, I am the future.

To start of this topic, let me leave you with this song "The Future" by the beautiful and inspiring Ty Bello.

This song is deep and speaks volumes. I have been listening to it for days on end, constantly ruminating on the message.
It is time to stand up and build Nigeria because what we do now is the only future we have tomorrow.

"How can they say that we are finished
We have just begun
When we have no where else to run to
We have no where else to go
So get out of the way
Out of the way of the land of our dreams
We are the nation we are part of this"


  1. Yes!!! I'm excited about this! Some of us seem to forget atimes about our native countries. We should remain PROUD and ready to BUILD something. Not to condemn it with our words, attitudes and actions. We are the future which is the reason we have to start being attentive and doing what we can! I wrote an article can can help someone about the topic on independance day and it helped me realized areas I had to work on.

    Tell the World

  2. that was a very good song....i like it and the message couldnt have been clearer

  3. Definitely will follow this topic. Good to know about the country through the eye's of a native.

  4. Looking forward to following this topic. Nigeria is ours and we must fight to build instead of destroy. Our negativity sometimes gets a bit overwhelming and tiring. Yes we have just began and we must see this journey through. Much Love from Nigeria!!

  5. @ FunTó : Well said sis.

    @ Matilda : Yes indeed.

    @ Emme : Absolutely! Would love to have you follow it!

    @ Natmane : Absolutely well said sis! Thank you for all the love!! Right back at you ;)

  6. This is so true. I believe in Nigeria and i believe in the potentials that it has. I have to think more positively towards the country. I love this Ty Bello's song.

  7. @ Ibifiri Kamson : Likewise sis!


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