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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mixology : Hibiscus Hair Rinse


The other day, I decided to try something new : an hibiscus hair rinse.
My curiosity stemmed from the many good reviews I'd heard about hibiscus flowers. I was fascinated by how a plant I'd taken so much for granted when I was little could be, when infused in oil or water, have so many benefits for my hair. Back home, dried hibiscus flowers are used to make a delicious and refreshing drink called zobo. Never did I think I would be using it for anything else however hibiscus flowers has been known to promote hair growth, stop dandruff and condition the hair. It also adds luster to dark hair.

What I used 

 ● more or less 3 generous tbsp of dried hibiscus flowers
● 400 ml/ 13.5 oz of water

What I did 

Slowly heated the water over low heat making sure to cover the pot. When it started boiling, I put off the fire and put the petals in. I covered the mix and left over night.
When I was ready to use the mix, I took out the flowers. I poured the infusion over my scalp and hair and put on a plastic cap. After 30 minutes I rinsed out any remains of the infusion.

My results 

I was very eager to see the results of this wonder plant so I believe it is safe to say I was a little dissapointed. Perhaps I was expecting too much. Yes I think that is it, too much. But, we all get that way, a little too excited and expect too much. However, though I was expected with my expectations not being met [silky, cotton - like, detangled hair all in? Maybe] I was not disappointed with the results I got.
My hair felt soft. That was the very first thing I percieved. After further inspection, I realized it also felt lightly conditioned.
That was about all the change I noticed immediately but after my washing and styling, I realized today how shiny and dark my hair was. My hair seemed to have some extra luster. I wasn't sure whether to pin this to my OMO OGO Naturals Shea-Cocoa Hair Butter but at the end I gave it half the credit and the rest to the infusion. 
Maybe an experiment in store.
Next time, I will try to leave it in longer in my hair and keep the infusion a day or two before using it to be sure all the goodness from the flowers are transferred into the water.

I do have admit that I am pleased with the results and happy to have added this to my regimen. I believe my scalp and hair will thank me for it, if not now later.

The process is messy. It stains fabric (and even bathroom walls from what I've heard] and leave a fuchsia pink or purple/blue color [depending on pH] behind so be sure to wear old clothes you do not care for while doing this. However, I have heard vinegar could be of help to remove hibiscus stains.

Do you use hibiscus for your hair.
 If so, in what way?



  1. This is really interesting. Never thought hibiscus was used for the hair!

    Thnx for sharing, love!

    Tell the World

  2. Interesting. Never head that zobo could be used for hair, considering the fact that its sold close to my area.
    I will try it sometime soon

  3. @ FunTó : It's a pleasure sis. I didn't think so either.

    @ Africa Naturalista : Yes indeed! Give it a try.

  4. I know you write you hair looks darker but have you expermimented "coloration" of your hair due to it or not at all ?

    Once, I tried to make a gel with it and it was such a mess I wish I read your post before my attempt ;)

    1. Naturally my hair is quite dark, I don't know if it helped but my hair did have a certain luster. I've also heard it helps darken hair. A gel, really? Wow, never heard of that.

  5. Dear Funbi,

    Maybe what you can do is spray it in your locks everyday - something like a tool to keep the moisture in your hair all day long. Keep on using it as a rinse if you'd like, but perhaps also store some in a spray bottle where you can just spritz on your roots after a shower, or in the morning or whenever. =)

    However, I'm not too certain how effective that will be, but it's definitely worth a try. A beauty guru I know does the exact same thing, except with rosemary. And she has lustrous hair. But hibiscus is just as good, no?

    I made some hibiscus oil just a couple of days ago, and now I'm very eager to try out the rinse as well. =) Thanks for sharing your knowledge, and I wish us well on our journey to healthy hair.


    1. Hi Thar,

      Thank you very much for the tip!! It is much appreciated!
      I have thought about it but never came round to actually trying it!
      Thank you! :)


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