"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Friday, January 27, 2012

Hair Update & A New Find

Yesterday was another "low maintenance" day for me overall. I had a few errands to run and a long mental list on the things I had to do. Though tiring, it was an overall rewarding day - Thank God. I learnt a few lessons and made some valuable realizations. Everyday is an opportunity to learn and grow and life is a constant growing and maturing process - if we are attentive. What we didn't do well today we should strive to perfect tomorrow and the mistakes we stumbled across yesterday we should leap over today. 

Now about my hair. After moisturizing it, I decided to wear a sort of pinup/puff look. It's a puff but it's just not positioned like one. I fluffed and fluffed until I was happy with it and was good to go. These days, I'm so used to spending only 0 - 5 minutes a day on my hair that it's getting me too laid back to try some new styles I've been wanting to experiment with. New styles will definitely come - in time - but I just don't want to over - manipulate my hair.

Concerning my new find. I stumbled across a cosmetic sale and decided to grab a few things. The cheapest products belonged to a brand name I'd never heard before - L.A Girl. So though I'd never tried any of their products I picked up a lipstick and a lip gloss because they were so cheap. In these pictures, I am wearing the fuchsia colored lipstick [Last Night]. Fortunately, I'd been looking for a fuchsia colored lipstick so I was quite thrilled and excited to try it. I put a pink gloss over it and this toned down the color a bit however the lipstick is naturally bright and my camera did not do it justice at all.
I do like it and would like to try their other products. On that note, I'd been thinking about sharing my cosmetic finds and thoughts - you know, like reviews but being an amateur myself I'd been pondering about what I could possibly share.
I still don't know if I am going to. As God wills.



  1. I totally looooove the colour on you! Gorgeous as usual!!! I tagged you in my last post, I'd love to see your answers! xxx

  2. I love your hair up like that! & that lip color looks really good on you


  3. @Emme : Thank you sis!

    @ Aurélie : Thank you sis!! And thank you for the tag!!

    @ Coilybella : Thank you sis!

    @ Crystal : Thank you sis!


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