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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Natural Queen : Lacoya

Blessings and love beauties!! It is my utter pleasure to introduce to you, Lacoya. She is a young gorgeous natural hair diva with big dreams and a huge heart. Check out her story.

1. What is your name? Use a few lines to describe yourself and what you do in life.Hi! My name is Lacoya. I am a 20-something-yr-old with a career in government engineering. I am currently working towards becoming a special events planning/coordinator (specializing in weddings). I love blogging about natural hair and my life, networking with other naturals, and doing something that positively affects others.
2. Why did you decide to go natural? Was there a particular event that made you decide?I went natural as a result of hair that never flourished. I grew up in a household where relaxers were a must every 4 weeks (5 was a stretch). I would get SO irritated when I felt "naps", and because my hair would get harder to comb when it came time for me to do my hair. I flat-ironed my hair every morning, due to not knowing much about wrapping, protective styling, etc. I did not know that my hair was suffering so much as a result of that. I just kept chopping my hair off every 1-2 years and starting over. During graduate schools, one of my best friends was natural. It made me curious....how did she get her hair like that? Did you tease it? (I was VERY ignorant about natural hair). Eventually, I began to ask questions, and she told me EVERYTHING (albeit, alot of it WASN'T the best advice now that I look back on it, but it broke the mold of thinking for me). Shortly after, I watched Good Hair....was totally disgusted with myself for being so darn ignorant, and immediately began to transition. My hair has flourished since then, and I could never seriously think of going back. If I want straight hair, I'll flat-iron my own. 
3. Since when have you been natural?
I have been relaxer-free since February 2010, and I BC'd on July 21, 2010. (no hair was salvaged...lol)
4. Did you transition?
- if so, how long and how did you manage your hair during this period?
- if not, why not?

I transitioned for about 6 months. My signature styles were braidouts and rod-sets. I used Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner, Cantu Shea Butter, and Olive Oil. My hair did not respond well to the two textures. I experienced lots of breakage, which is why I decided to cut the transition short.

5. What were the reactions around you? Did you have support while transitioning (if you did)?
When I BC'd, my family nor my fiancee favored it. They didn't hassle me alot though, just stated that they couldn't wait for it to grow back out. lol! While transitioning, not alot of people paid attention, but those who knew gave words of encouragement here and there.
6. How did you handle those reactions?
I never received anything extremely harsh, and I'm grateful for that. I'm not quite sure how I would've responded then, as I didn't know as much as I know now. I probably would've been hurt, but I'm not easily discouraged, so I probably would have just seeked encouragement in an online forum (I was apart of Nappturality then - I took a break from forums for a short while, but am back now)
7. What is you basic hair regimen?
Every two weeks, I start off with a pre-poo consisting of Darcy's Botanical Coconut and Hibiscus Oil and Olive Oil. I usually do this overnight (I do my first detangle at this point). The day after, I wash/condition my hair using Eden Body Works Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo/Conditioner combo (LOVE this stuff!). Afterwards, I use a deep conditioner. (Sometimes I use a homemade mix or other times I use a commercial deep conditioner just to try something new). I do all of these steps while my hair is in loose twists. After DCing, I detangle (for a second time) and stretch my hair in braids overnight. Afterwards, I style my hair using a creamy leave-in, a light oil, and a styling butter to top it off.

8. What are your favorite products?
I absolutely love Eden Body Works Shampoo/Conditioner/Hair Milk. I have full reviews on my blog. I also love Shea Butter for sealing my ends. All other products stay in rotation. I am still experimenting to find my staples.

9. What are your favorite hair styles?
I love protective styles. They show off creativity and they help my hair stay healthy.

10. What are the three things you love the most about natural hair, and why?
That it has taught me so much about true beauty, that it's VERY versatile and sassy, and that it gives me another outlet to inspire others.
11. What are the three things you like the least about natural hair?
It takes lots of hard work to keep it healthy, that it takes so long to do my hair, and that the natural hair community can be so defensive at times (sometimes it's warranted and sometimes it's not)

12. Do you have any natural hair inspirations?
Definitely Tracee Ellis Ross, that woman's a DIVA. Also, Solange, for breaking the mold and setting herself apart from being in the "shadow" of her sister. I do LUVVV me some B, though!
13. If you had to choose 1 person that really helped you through your journey so far, who would it be?
My college friend, Brittney Lee. I saw her fro one day and had my epiphany. LOL! She has locs, now and has a blog called "Loc'd and Happy".

14. Is anyone else close to you natural?
Yes. One of my classmate's fiancee is natural as well. We are constantly sharing reviews, products, blog info, etc. I am so glad to have a partner in crime.

15. What would you say to someone who is thinking of going natural?
Research regimens, and importance characteristics to discover about your hair including hair porosity, hair density, strand thickness, hair dryness, etc. Transitioning to natural is an excellent, fun, exciting journal. There's SO much information out there, it's hard to take it all in, but it will all come together in time.
16. What do you know/have now and wish you'd known/had before going natural?
The important of documenting your hair progress/goals/successes. It has become such a source of motivation throughout my healthy natural hair journey.

17. Did you make any major mistakes concerning your hair care? If so what was it?
I trimmed my hair in February with house scissors. Needless to say, my ends were horrific by September. My hair was uneven as well because I trimmed on shrunken hair. I probably cut off more than what was necessary and I caused split ends and knots due to the scissors snagging on my hair. No bueno.
18. In one word, describe how your journey has been so far.

19. Do you have any regrets? Is there a chance you might perm your hair again?
Nope and never. If I want straight hair, I will pull out my Maxi-Glide (I've only flat-ironed once since I've been natural)

20. Where can you be reached? (Youtube channel, blog, twitter, facebook etc.)
Blog: http://imanaturalblackgirl.blogspot.com
(and I'm looking into starting a YouTube channel. I want to get my camera/tripod setup, first!)

21. Please add at least one word to complete the phrases:

"I am ---" ambitious
"I love to---" watch YouTube videos while doing my hair
"I think my hair is ---" FAB
"I think the world is ---" in its last days
"I like---" the fact that alot of woman/men are embracing their natural hair
"One moment is not enough to---" describe love
"We could---" be blog buddies!
"I want to---" go on vacation to anot
"I wish I were---" an entrepreneur....I'm working on it!
"My hair is simply---" DIVINE

Thank you so much Lacoya for taking time out to share your story! 

Do not forget to check out her lovely blog here!!


  1. Just featured her on my blog. She is so gorgeous and seems very nice!!


  3. I read about her on Coilybella's blog. Small world! Lovely lady.

  4. @ Coilybella : Yes indeed she is sis!!

    @ NicGLove : Yes, she is lovely!

    @ JenJen : Yes. She truly is lovely.


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