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- Psalms 27 : 1

Friday, December 30, 2011

Healthy Hair Challenge 2011 - 2012 : End Of Year Update


It's been more than than three months since I embarked on my Healthy Hair Challenge 2011 - 2012
Now looking through the list of rules and guidelines I'd written for myself, I am actually pleased to say I have been following this healthy hair challenge quite closely. 

I have been observing a constant positive effect on my hair and a few changes concerning, moisture retention, knots formation and an overall thickening of my hair
Some of the hardest points of the challenge has been manipulating my hair as little as possible and in a correct manner. But I have eventually learnt to keep things simple and to take time to be gentle and patient with my hair. The whole regimen ha been working great for my hair -- it seems like with my hair, this is s simple as it can get, for now.

I am still on the challenge though I have not really been talking about it and I am getting the results I went out looking for, thank God. I will try to update you all as much as possible. 
Thumbs up to healthy hair!

If you are on the challenge with me, please share how it has been going and what results you have been getting



  1. I have been on this journey as well and I have noticed how healthy my hair is as it grows and how some of the older parts have been worn. I am continuing with the healthy hair challenge as well as a protective style challenge as my hair is growing, thickening in density and just healthy. I am planning to do a chop come spring to my hair. I will continue my protective style challenge through April 2012. Lets continue to challenge ourselves with styles and the gentle handling of our precious tresses. Happy New Year!

  2. @ Vetsnatural : Great results sis!! I cannot wait to see and hear all you would have achieved by April 2012. Thank you for sharing! Happy New Year to you too sis!! Many blessings and grace to you and yours for this marvelous New Year.


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