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- Psalms 27 : 1

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Box Braids 101 : My Verdict

Blessings and love beauties!!

So, it's been a bit over a week since I took down by box braids, now it's time to tell you what I really think about the whole experience.
Firstly, getting box braids was fun no doubt, and there were so many styles I had the chance to play around with. I even threw in some accessories! It was great. However, there are a few issues I didn't really like about wearing box braids. 
To start with is the price. I paid, wait, okay so I paid way too much for those braids. It might not be much for some and it might even be standard price but I don't really care because it was quite too much for me and all that is minus the ridiculous price of the extensions.
Let's proceed with the wearing of the box braids. Sleeping with them was a bit a challenge at the beginning. The first few days left my scalp in so much pain I was hoping not to have to be popping pain killers in my mouth like chewing gum. These braids weren't even tight but the whole parting and manipulating just got my scalp irritated and in pain.
Next are the reactions I got from people. Everyone loved my box braids. Seriously, people that have never even given me one compliment about my hair were all over it. So much so that after taking them down, so many were dissapointed. Two certain co workers even went as far as saying "oh you took them down? Too bad" as if without the box braids, I was plainer than a pale white wall. 
The other thing I wanted to talk about was boredom. True, there are a number of things to do with box braids, but the fact is this : box braids cannot replace my versatile natural hair. At one point, I got bored. I thought up all the styles I wore yet from week three I was missing my hair however the boredom did pass though the nostalgic feeling remained.
The last element I wanted to touch on was maintenance. Box braids need effort and time to be maintained well. If you do not want to dry out your hair, or cause breakage, in fact if you care at all about your hair you are going to need to take good care of your box braids. Though box braids are a low maintenance style, they still need to be looked after. Low maintenance does not mean NO care or NO maintenance. I was all for this but washing those heavy braids was  quite challenging.

Alright, that's me ranting. But frankly, I enjoyed wearing box braids and loved giving my hair a rest though there are a few things I will be working on if I decide to get them again.
Would I recommend box braids?
Absolutely, why not? I just advice you to take care of them like you would your hair. Check out my Box Braids 101 series for more.

I do want to expand on one thing that did sadden me a bit while wearing box braids. I love box braids but in now way, do I prefer them to my hair, however, it was like it was the other way around to those around me. When I took them off, as I stated above, many were disappointed as if they appreciated them more than my own hair. But unfortunately, that is the kind of society we live in and I wonder no more at why so many ladies hide their hair behind weaves and extensions, 24/7, every day of the month, every month in a year.

As you get box braids, have fun, but please remember to stay, be and love you, just the way you are.



  1. Nice....I am thinking about doing a protective style...as a matter of fact I was thinking about doing one today. I was thinking if I should do them myself or pay someone (I will go to someone that will give me a deal lol).

  2. @ NicGLove : Thank you sis! Go for it. If you can get the deal or better yet do it yourself, it would be great!

  3. Hiya, thinking of doing them but i was just wondering how you can sleep with them if they are painfull.

    1. Hey! The pain wears out in a day or two. Sleeping with them could be a bit uncomfortable but only on the first night, normally.


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