"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Soul Food : Vanity

"Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised" 

- Proverbs 31 : 30

This is our portion of scripture for the week. 

As ladies, we all have a make - up bag I presume, at least most of us. We have a certain amount of beautifying products that we wear daily, and the ones we use on special occasions to get that "stunning" look. We buy all kinds of cleansing formulas to remove all the make up and get multiple facial treatments to avert aging signs and make the scars fade away. We love it when we get compliments about our looks and even use it to gain favor, especially from the men in our lives.
We even go as far as finding pride from the way we carry ourselves and the way with which we speak that probably turn heads and keep people in a state of admiration.

Beauty and charm. Those are the two things I am talking about. These two nearly always go hand - in hand and they seem to be considered the qualifications needed for any woman, and man to be praised these days.

But ladies and gents, let me tell you that the Bible says otherwise. In fact, Proverbs 31 : 30 says "charm is deceptive" and "beauty is fleeting".  Therefore we are not to put our trust on charm or beauty. It means we are not to let a person's charm or beauty have anything to do with how we relate to the person or what we do with them or for them.
Unfortunately, this is not the reality today. Vanity has chocked this society and people are deceiving and being deceived by beauty and charm. Men are basing their spouse choices on beauty and women are choosing men because of charm; people are climbing the ladder of society because of their beauty or charm and many are worming their ways into peoples' lives by using these two factors.
All of this is truly vanity. Beauty or charm is not the depth of a human being. Of course, these two are pleasant but they do not make the person or does not say anything about their character. As Proverbs 30 : 31 says, these two are "deceptive" and "fleeting". Charm deceives and beauty is not always around.
Even Christians fall for these two things. Yes, brothers and sisters, it is also exists in the Church. However, it should not be so. We are to "look at the heart" (1 Samuel 16 : 7) just like God because "the heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure" ( Jeremiah 17 : 19)

Furthermore, according to our verse, it is only "a woman who fears the Lord" that should truly be praised. This also applies to men. The fear of the Lord should be our guideline to knowing how to interact with people and how to receive them. How actions towards others should not be based on beauty or charm. Whether you are believing God for a spouse, a business partner or a friend, the fear of the Lord should be the number one requirement and certainly not their beauty or charm.

To conclude, I would like to encourage all my ladies out there to focus on fearing God and developing a relationship with Him instead of running around to get yourself cosmetics or clothes. It is good to look good, in fact, if you have been reading this blog long enough, you'll know I like to make an effort to look good but it should not be our priority. Whether you are waiting on God for the man He has made for you, or just seeking to attain your goals, it is not your beauty or charm that will help or guide you but rather God, according to His perfect will for your life. Remember, "The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace." Romans 8 : 6 and "For exaltation comes neither from the east nor from the west nor from the south" Psalm 75 : 6. Please ladies, hold on to this : REAL praise, comes from "the fear of the Lord". If you truly fear God, your husband will continue to praise you, even after all your beauty have faded, many will swarm to you through God even if you find yourself charmless. Just focus on God. Refuse vanity. Look good and feel good, while sticking to godliness.

May God help us to keep Him close while we run from vanity.




  1. Amen. I know too well about falling for charm, and was truly deceived and hurt, and had to enter some serious prayer for deliverance. I now pray every day that my mind, my heart, and (very importantly) my tongue are led by the Holy Spirit. I really liked reading this post. God bless =]

  2. WONDERFUL!!! Loved this post from every angle! I agree, society is based on the aesthetic of people, not what is in their hearts anymore. Look at our divorce rates! Looks at what our girls are looking up to and striving to become. The media has our little girls believing that if they look a certain way, wear certain clothes, etc, then they will get that "baller" basketball or football player or what not. My parents have been married 39 years praise God! I want that and I’ve dated a few charmers and good looking men in my youth but as I got older, I realized it fades and sometimes the beauty and charm hides the snake or the ass donkey. Now as a woman, I look at what is in your heart. How you treat your mother. How you care for a home. How you prioritize and most importantly, how is your relationship with God.

  3. I love this post. You really speak the true and stated facts that touched my heart. We are all guilty of trying to please the opposite sex with our looks and charm. We sometimes try to impress others for silly reasons.

    The media even makes it worse by telling us how to look or dress. Thinking that what the media says is the right thing leads us down the wrong path.

    The only one we should always aim to please is God and everything else will definitely fall into place.

    I've learned a few more things from reading this post. Thanks for sharing.


  4. @ Ladybug : Glory be to God sis!! We really do need God's guidance!

    @ Matilda : Glory be to God sis.

    @ Kiki : Glory be to God sis! You are right, the media is corrupting the mind of young women. Yes, we really need to focus on the heart and not the veneer of a person.

    @ *Sweetly Broken* : Glory be to God sis!! I'm so glad this post was a blessing! Yes, we've all been there but by the grace of God, our minds have been renewed!

  5. Love this post!
    A women who fears the Lord shall be praised! I am following girl! I just love this post! So true!

    Check out my first giveway!

  6. @ ChicBrie : Thanks sis for passing by and following! It is much appreciated!


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