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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Skin Care : Best Exfoliator

Some months back, when I got tired of wasting money on pricey products packed with synthetic ingredients that had nothing good to offer my skin, I suddenly decided to swerve off the conservative route and take matters to my own hands. Consequently, I stopped using a lot of my commercial products and in my pursuit of better skin care, I decided to try a few natural remedies.

In my trial days, I took on something that had always been an object of curiosity to me : the West African sponge. I'd always been curious about how this object could ever act as a sponge. For one, it doesn't even look like 99% of the commercial sponges and it certainly didn't look like it could do the job. When I first got the sponge, I was skeptical about using it. I really did not understand how it could keep the soap in, though I'd seen it being used in movies and I'd seen mama use it for my baby nieces. I was also unsure about how it would feel on my skin. If you've ever seen a new West African sponge, you'd know what I'm talking about : it feels hard, like bark and not too nice against the skin.

But I did try it and now, many months on, I can certainly look back and smile. This sponge does what you expect and even what you don't. Earlier this year, I started looking for a good exfoliating mix and I did try some but I stopped when I realized I had a better tool that already did this : my sponge. Yes, this sponge is the best exfoliating treat - for both my face and body - I have ever tried. It literally peels off the dead skin cells and you can see the muck fall away as you rinse off the soap from your body. It is amazing. With a good soap, or washing gel, this sponge digs out all the dirt and grime hiding away in the skin and leaves it feeling clean, fresh and healthy.

I recommend the west African sponge for anyone trying to attain healthy, glowing skin. With this sponge, you do not need any exfoliating, gel, mix or whatsoever, it really does it all. Not only is it tremendously cheaper that any exfoliating product, it is also very effective. A sponge and an exfoliator - a great deal right? What's more, the West African sponge also saves you money by helping you avoid wasting your shower soap or gel by keeping them trapped while you scrub!

A few facts about the West African sponge :

● it looks like a network of thin plant stems 

● feels like soft bark too

● it comes in beige

If you are thinking of using the West African sponge, here are a few tips :

● Get the ones from West Africa : that's where you'll find people specially endowed with the ability to make them as good as they should be

● A little is enough : only use a little bit of the sponge at a time or else you might waste it by trying to use a whole bunch at a time

● Soak the sponge in water for a few days or weeks depending on how sensitive your skin is. The original sponge could be a bit hard for some skin types. It does soften up after weeks of using it but I would recommend trying to soften it before use

● Don't scrub too hard because it really exfoliates without much effort from your part

● Stop using the sponge once it becomes too soft

● If pieces of the sponge fall off in your shower or bathtub, pick them up instead of letting them wash away with the water because they might block your drain

For now, my West African sponge takes the Best Exfoliator title, no questions asked.

What is your best facial and body exfoliator?



  1. I use a pumice stone on the heels of my feet then before I put my socks on I apply lotion to my feet.

  2. where do you buy these sponges? i can't seem to find any online...

  3. @ JenJen : Yes, pumice stone does the trick!

  4. @ Sky Blue : I got them from Nigeria. You can get them from practically anywhere in West Africa. If you can't get your hands on them online, try asking someone who is going to WA to help you get them. Hope that helps :) Thanks for dropping by

  5. Nice! I remember my grandma would use this sponge to bathe for me and my siblings when we would go visit her. It is indeed a good exfoliator, but don't scrub too hard so you don't hurt yourself.

    I wish I had one so I could try it out on my face. Hmm...I should get one soon huh? Lol.


  6. @ *Sweetly Broken* Yes, scrubbing too hard is not necessary and can lead to a painful situation. It's great for the face too sis! Definitely recommend you getting it ;)

  7. Oooh! Definitely have to try and get this if I get to go to Nigeria this Christmas!

  8. @ Jo Somebody : Yes, it's truly worth it!


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