"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Relationships : The List


You ladies all know..that little piece of paper on which you spent your middle school, high school and even college days scribbling down on. You know, that one that describes your definition of Mr. Right and details all his attributes and perfections...Come on ladies, you know that list...It's not longer than an A4 piece of paper and it's sometimes just small enough to fit in your pencil case...Now don't go on acting like you don't know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about your list.

We've all been there, at least most of us. I remember in middle school, I would write down everything my perfect man would have, what he would look like, would he would like, what he would do...It was like having control of a little piece of your future. And the crazy thing about it is that, while writing that list, I really felt in control, as if that ink touched the paper dreams became reality and it would be so.

Unfortunately ladies, it's not so. We dream of our definition of perfection...Men with broad shoulders, packs, tall, plays basketball, is funny, dances, is generous, kind, cooks etc...But the reality of things is that, nobody is perfect. We all have our flaws and so those our very own God - chosen Mr. Right. How beautiful is that list. How awesome and fairy - tale like. But no man is perfect. For us to truly find the one God has prepared for us, we need to toss that list out of the window and just surrender to God. We need to have our spiritual eyes open not the physical ones. Do not go into a relationship expecting the man to be perfect and this also goes for the gents (I know you are reading this guys). You are not perfect and neither is your partner, but rather it's in your unity that you are to seek perfection. You are both to better the other and perfect each other.

Oh we all love that list...But seriously, I have lost track since forever now and the mental one still playing and replaying in my mind is starting to fade. I know what I want, of course, there are guidelines and since God is not a God of confusions, they will be met, but you can not create your "perfect partner". 

Stay focused on God's will, forget your list and let yourself be guided by the spirit instead of your will and instead of thinking about that special somebody, why don't you focus on God for now.

Do you have a list?
What do you think about a list?
If you are married, does your partner fulfill what was on your list?



  1. The man I thought I wanted and the man I married were two different creatures. Now that I am a little older looks are not as important to me than character! Not saying he's not attractive, but beauty fades and you need more than a hot body and pretty face. I married a hard working, God fearing, strong man who loves for for who I am, not who he wants me to be. When I was younger, what I thought I wanted was a fairy tale and the junk they sell in movies. I am so happy the God blessed me with what He wanted me to marry and not what I thought I wanted. Good post.

  2. @ JenJen : Indeed. We have to subscribe to what God wants not what we see or feel is right or the best. I thank God for your marriage! May God continue to keep you both! Thanks for the lovely comment sis! God bless

  3. I had a list but lists are unrealistic.
    I am thankful for the practical advice you shared which is to be guided by the spirit!

  4. lol...I know the list.
    blogged bout it once before...I agree with you all the way dear...all the way...only God wud help us

  5. @ Emme : Tell me about it! Glory be to God sis! I'm glad it was of help :D

    @ H : Yes, indeed! Thanks for stopping by sis!

  6. I love this post!!! Got me smiling and remeniscing. And got my heart skipping a beat when I thought of what my list wud contain (all them broad shoulders n stuff...SILLY!!!). But u are so RIGHT and I bless God for the words of wisdom. God-fearing single ladies need to focus on God. I read somewhere that if one is not as close to God as they ought to be, by the the time that partner comes, their relationship with God might be deeply affected. God help us!! And I love what @JenJen said about the crap the movies try to sell ppl. Gets them dreamin bout PERFECTION (perfect man, perfect proposal...etc). We need to wake up and see things through God's eyes.

    Tell the World

  7. @ FunTó : INDEED!! You are definitely right!!


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