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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Questions We Ask : Why Are My Edges Thinning?


Thinning edges can be the consequence of numerous practices.

The hair strands that make up our edges are the most fragile of all. Of course, the sensitivity of one woman's edges is not that of the next woman. Some ladies have resistant edges while most have sensitive ones. But whatever the case, our edges are to be looked after and pampered if we are to keep them.

Bad management of your edges will definitely lead to them disappearing in no time.

Here is a list of things to avoid to prevent your edges from thinning :

Friction : Avoid sleeping without a satin bonnet or scarf or on a satin pillowcase. Friction will weaken your edges and eventually cause them to fall off. Also avoid wearing non-satin scarves around your hair and thick cotton or wool head bands during the winter without protecting your hair because these will cause serious friction (not to talk of dry your hair out!).

Tension : Tension comes in forms of hairstyles. Avoid pulling on your edges when wearing styles such as buns and ponytails. It is also wise to avoid braiding your hair too tight. When wearing extensions, try making them as light as possible and avoid using extensions on very fragile hair line. 

Treatment : The loose of your edges could be down to a chemical treatment. Avoid treating your hair with too many chemicals.

Tools : Be careful about the tools you use on your edges. Avoid brushing your hair too much, especially with hard, synthetic brushes because these will only pull your hair right out. Try using a 100% boar bristle brush gently on your hair line. To test how harsh a brush it, first test it on the back of your hand...if it feels rough and harsh, then it's not for your hair.

Products : Many products are also the down fall of the hair line. The constant use of products like hard gel and glue can cause the edges to thin. 

Neglect : neglecting your edges could cause them to break and fall off. Keep your edges moisturized and strong by using products that have been approved by your hair.

If you have thin edges, don't fret. Most of the time, the process can be reversed with time and you can get back your beautiful, healthy edges. Here are a few tips to achieve this :

Care : Stop all the damaging practices you used to employ and start paying close attention to your edges. 

Oils : There are a number of oils that help regrow the hair line such as castor oil, emu oil, jojoba oil. Try  applying a bit of oil to your edges everyday to help keep them healthy and regrow them.

Essential oils : Essential oils like peppermint oil  and rosemary essential oil help with blood circulation and this helps stimulate hair growth. Apply a few drops of essential oils to your favorite oil (100 ml of oil to a few drops of essential oil for example) and apply it to your hair daily.

Massage : Giving your edges a few minutes worth of massage gives tremendous results. Try gently massaging your edges daily to promote hair growth. 

During this period of regrowing, I would advice you to keep your hair away from extensions, under constant care and stress-less.

How do you avoid thin edges? 
How have you grown back your thin edges?



  1. Great post, thinning edges were a big problem for me for a looong time and were due to very bad hair care practices. I now sleep every night (or try to) with my satin bonnet or satin pillowcase and no more too-tight weaves and braids!

  2. @ Kiki : Thanks sis!! :D Yes same here!

  3. Good post! I have suffered hair loss from my last relaxer. AKA the reason why I went natural. I am now trying a new product with lots of oils to help regrow my thinning spot.

  4. Very nice post! I realized that my buns were putting some stress on my edges, so now I am wearing faux puffs, which don't pull on the edges at all!

  5. @ JenJen : Thanks sis!! I also had thin edges when I first stayed natural!

    @ Precious : Thanks sis! Yes, I have also tried to avoid bunning too much!


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