"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What She Wore : Color Blues

Blessings and love beauties!!

Yesterday, I was in a take it easy &  no stress mood therefore, I decided to apply this to my outfit.

Cool colors and some warm ones for an over all classy yet effortless look.

TIP : avoid putting too many outfits together to attain that classy look. For an everyday classy look, try adding an effortless appeal. Nothing too flashy and nothing too laid back. Work with cool colors along with some spicy ones and put together an easy, all - occasion outfit and make it more interesting by adding a belt, scarf, indiscreet bangles, a brooch or a bow to go with your outfit.

Check it out :

[I put a black cardigan over the shirt *not pictured*]

shirt : thrifted // skirt  : made by me  // scarf + pantyhose : H & M // shoes : italy // belt : bershka

How do you sport that classy yet effortless look?


  1. VINTAGE...You look like a lady from the early 90's...I just dont what year but i see vintage all over.

  2. @ Matilda : Thanks sis!! :)

    @ JenJen : Thank you sis!

  3. Love the blue skirt Hun! Gorgeous

  4. Love the vintage look, can I have the leopard head scarf for Christmas?? Lol, ok just kidding!

  5. I sense that your scarf should appear in my Christmas box haha!

  6. ohh that is just an adorable outfit, I love that skirt! ..and I need some oxford-esque shoes for the Winter time, navy would be a good choice, goes with so many things!

  7. @ The Retro Natural : Thanks sis! :) Yes, navy just blends with every other color


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