"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Monday, November 7, 2011

What She Wore : Casually Classy

Blessings and love beauties.

Today was a casual kinda day when it came to dressing for church. The night before, I thought of jeans, heels and blazer but only put the outfit together this morning.

TIP : You can really rock a casual look and still appear classy or/and stunning. Just throw in some heels, your favorite shirt and all - purpose blazer. Adding an accessory could also help, maybe a scarf to hold your hair, around your neck or just a simple flower, classy brooch or a gorgeous long necklace with a bold pendant? Whatever the case, you are in for a classy, laid - back, simple yet stunning look.

Here's what I wore today :

Blazer : thrifted // shirt + pants + shoes : primark // scarf : thrifted

What do you put together for that Casually Classy look or Simple Yet Stunning look?



  1. I really like this outfit! You wear it well! :) I actually have a similar blazer to this that I bought some weeks ago. Cool!


  2. @ *Sweetly Broken* : Thank you sis!! :D Rock your blazer!

    @ Precious : Thanks sis!! *blushes*

  3. Too cute...i love the whole outfit!

  4. Looking good Sis!! Plus your hair is pretty!!!

  5. Love the jacket and scarf! I can't wear heels since I broke my foot several years ago, but you look good in them.

  6. You look UH-MA-ZING!!!! SIMPLY STUNNING!!!! God is AWESOME!

    Tell the World

  7. Totally agree on your tip especially dressing up a casual outfit with a nice blazer. Outfit was well put together!

  8. @ NikkiSho : Thanks sis!

    @ Natmane : Thanks sis!!

    @ JenJen: Thank you sis!! :D

    @ Brown Skin : Merci sis!!

    @ FunTó : Thanks sis!! Yes, God is truly awesome, I'm a living testimony!

    @ Kiki : Thanks sis!!

  9. You're beautiful and the outfit is DOPE!!! Love it!


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