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Thursday, November 10, 2011

OMO OGO Naturals : Products You Absolutely Need For The Fall/Winter + Fall SALE

Blessings and love beauties!

Fall is here and Winter is near. It's this time of the year that we Natural Divas need to step up our hair regimen and take extra care of the way we handle our hair to avoid any damage and feed our hair with any nutrients it might be lacking. Combating the harsh weather is easier when we have the right products and use them properly. 

Well, ladies, don't fret. OMO OGO Naturals understands your needs and I am pleased to say there are OMO OGO Naturals' products that fight the dryness and any other condition that comes with the cold weather. 

Here is a list of my favorite OMO OGO Naturals' products for the Fall/Winter :

Moisturizing Leave - In Butter Conditioner : Moisturize your hair with this mega moisturizing  leave - in, whether after a wash or daily. It is really two in one. I use it after washing my hair and as a daily moisturizer. It's packed with moisturizing ingredients and essential oils to treat the hair, keeping it soaked with moisture and cotton soft any day and every day.

Shea - Cocoa Hair Butter : Seal in all the precious moisture in your hair by using this yummy butter and as a result, reap moisturized, soft, fluffy hair. It is also great for braid - outs, twist - outs,  bantu knot - outs and two strand twists. With a great moisturizer like the Moisturizing Leave - In Butter Conditioner this product is a sure shield against the harsh cold.

Avocado & Shea Hair Butter :  Another great sealant especially for those with thin hair or with not so dry hair. When combined with the Shea - Cocoa Hair Butter adds shine and conditions the hair rendering it soft and fortified.

Moisturizing Liquid Black Soap Shampoo : Cleanse your hair and scalp in all security. This shampoo will leave your hair moisturized and cleansed. Instead of drying out your hair, it will strengthen it, fortify it and moisturize it against the cold.

 These products are a great add to your arsenal, letting you rock your hair guiltlessly, with zero difficulty while averting damage all Fall/Winter.

Visit the OMO OGO Naturals' shop to order -- 

And by the way, did I mention you can now benefit from a *10% OFF SALE? The sale starts from 18:00 EST** 10th of November to 24:00  EST 11th November!!!

Yes, it's that time of the year and OMO OGO Naturals has decided to have a little short sale! Why don't you pamper yourself, or a loved one? If you've never tried OMO OGO Naturals, this is the time to try and see for yourself!

[*This sale only applies to the price of the products not the shipping price too]

[** That is 24:00 CET 11th of November to 6.00 CET 12th November]

Which products would you like to try? 
Any questions? Feel free to ask them--


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