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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How To Keep Your Hair Moisturized During The Colder Months - Part 3

Keeping your hair moisturized during the cold months of Fall and Winter requires not only being careful of how you wear your hair and maintain it but it's also all about spoiling your hair with vital ingredients packed with nutrients, vitamins and moisturizing properties. Yes, it's all about pampering your hair.

Here is a list of ingredients to add to your hair regimen for moisturized, cloud - soft hair :


Coconut oil // Olive oil // Jojoba oil // Yangu oil // Vanilla oil //  Palm oil // Hemp Seed oil // Castor oil // Monoi de Tahitit oil // Macadamia Nut oil // Avocado oil // Safflower oil // Wheat germ oil // Borage // Sesame

Essential oils 

Peppermint // Clary Sage // Rosemary // Sandalwood / Yarrow/ Lavender / Geranium 

Herbs & Flowers

Chamomile // Lavender // Marshmallow root // Nettle // Comfrey leaves // Rose petals //  Calendula // Burdock root // Horsetail // Parsley leaves // Sage

Extracts & Humectants

Aloe vera gel & juice // Honey // Hydrolyzed wheat protein // Panthenol // Silk peptide // Rose water // Molasses


Cocoa // Shea // Avocado // Macadamia // Avocado // CupuaƧu // Mango // Murumuru 

Here are a few ways to incorporate these ingredients to your present hair regimen :

Add to your shampoo and conditioner : You can add oils, essential oils, extracts and humectants to your shampoo, conditioner, leave - in conditioner, daily spritz and any other of your products to boost their moisture levels.

Apply alone : You can apply oils and butters to your hair to retain moisture after applying your leave in or any other moisturizing treat. 

Do a special treatment : You can treat your hair to a herbal hair rinse after washing or a hot oil treatment before washing. Whatever the case, your hair will benefit greatly.

Layer : You can add different ingredients together to make a special custom moisturizing product just for your hair. Try playing around with oils, butters and essential oils to start with before going on to adding actives and humectants.

Please note : Be sure to test ingredients before using them. Ask a professional for advice before using essential oils especially if you may be suffering from any health condition, you are pregnant or nursing.
This list is not exhaustive so feel free to add other ingredients!

What are you favorite ingredients for keeping your hair moisturized during the cold months?


  1. I personally love coconut oil to seal moisture into my hair.

  2. @ JenJen : Likewise sis! But it works best on my hair when mixed with butters


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