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- Psalms 27 : 1

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hair Update : Guess What I did?

Blessings and love beauties!!

I pray everyone is having a marvelously blessed week - end.

Guess what I did yesterday?

Remember this post? I was thinking about getting my hair done and even maybe getting box braids with extensions. I finally made my decision and got my hair done yesterday.

Well, ladies, if you still haven't guessed...I did box braids.

It was the first time I was getting my hair done than anyone else other than me in over a year and the first time I was putting in extensions for that long so it was like living a very past experience all over again, only this time, in different circumstances.
The lady came over and after explaining exactly what I wanted and what I didn't want, we got straight to it.  It took 6 hours straight to finish.

I choose two colors for the extensions, one that is very close to the color of my hair and another one that is different though discreet. 

Apart from the slight discomfort due to the sudden change for both my hair and scalp and the fact that I am already thinking about the next time I am going to see my hair, I totally love it!!
I am glad I got them done...after months of eyeing and deliberating. 
This style is just so fun and is certainly a sure protective style when done and maintained properly. 

Today, because I didn't want to cause my hair or scalp any stress, I decided to just let them fall and I accessorized with a scarf.

I would like to take a moment to say a big thank you to all those that have helped me when I asked for advice. I really appreciate it. Seriously, your kind tips and generous advice helped me in making this decision and going through with it. 

Which traditional protective style are you rocking right now?
How are you wearing your hair on a daily basis?



  1. The box braids are lovely! I personally am sporting a fierce TWA. I tried some flat twists last night, but failed! I do like to do some finger coils. Maybe that's what I will do for church tomorrow?

  2. @ JenJen : Thank you sis :D Love TWAs and I sometimes find myself missing those days..those TWA seemed to have flown by...I never tried finger coils but they are absolutely gorgeous! Go for it sis! Thanks for stopping by sis! God bless

  3. These look beautiful!! I love em! Can't wait to see what styles you come up with your box braids :)

  4. I know you deliberated - the box braids look gorgeous!! Enjoy them while you have them, and I know you will love seeing your healthy & protected loose hair again when the time comes. I am also looking forward to seeing how you wear these braids!

  5. Funbi, your braids are gorgeous!! I want to do something with my hair for the winter but I'm so indecisive on a style. I'm really feeling the box braids though! ;)

  6. @ Precious : Thanks sis!! :D

    @ Mama M : Thank you so much! I a, definitely going to try and enjoy them as much as I can!

    @ Kiki : Thank you Kiianah!! What type of style would you like??

  7. This is so in...
    natural hair and box braids...feelin' the trend.

    Suits you.

  8. you do look nice...suits you very well

  9. @ Emme : Thanks sis :D

    @ H : Thank you sis!

    @ Matilda : Thank you dear!

  10. Coucou ma belle, moi et mon anglais pourri on n'a pas tout compris. Mais, on te trouve magnifique sur tes photos. J'aime le new look de ton blog :p !!!

  11. You look so adorable with that leopard scarf! Digging the box braids too, yay for easy hair styling! :)

  12. YOU LOOK LOVELY SIS. I know how much u hesitated but I think u should have fun with ur braids. Give ur hair a little break and by the time u take out ur braids ur hair will still be looking as healthy as they always are. Can't wait to see what styles u come up with...so I can steal them! *mischievous lil Sis grin* lol. Love u :)

    Tell the World

  13. @ Brown Skin : Salut sis!! Lol, mais je suis sûr que t'as compris l'essentielle! Merci beaucoup!! Merci pour le passage!

    @ The Retro Natural : Thanks sis!! :D Double YAY for easy styling!

    @ FunTó : Thanks hun!! :D

  14. hi, i love your hair!
    i'm planning on getting box braids very soon, but i'm a little hesitant: i'm nervous that it'll be too much to maintain.

    so could you answer these questions for me, please?
    are the braids really heavy?
    when washing your hair, do you only wash your scalp, or can you wash the hair too?
    & how do you keep your scalp from getting too dry?


  15. @ shakola : Thank you sis! I was also hesitant when I first got the idea to get them. I am actually going to start a new series on box braids but let me give you some quick answers :
    - the box braids are not really heavy but they are heavy. Seriously, at first, being not used to braids anymore (it's been nearly 2 years since I had one and I've never had one this big) it hurt my neck and I had to refrain from pulling it back.
    - You can also wash the hair. It is best to concentrate on your hair and scalp but in the process the extensions do also get a wash
    - Oiling with a butter or and a oil when needed (when scalp starts to get flaky) is a sure way to avoid dryness because the scalp will tend to get dry

    I hope that has helped. Do not hesitate to ask anymore questions and be on the look our for the box braid series.
    God bless

  16. Thanks so much!
    I'm looking forward to your box braid series! :]

  17. @ shakola : It is always a pleasure sis! :)

  18. Funbi what type of hair did you use? I want my hair like this as well but I don't know what kind of hair to get for braids like this???? Thanks in advance.


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