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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

D.I.Y : Ankara Scrunchie

Scrunchies. An 80s 'must - have' hair accessory. However, years later, these fantastic, fun and funky hair accessories are still making history. Yes, scrunchies have not been forgotten and in fact, many women are still adorning their hair [and wrists] with them.
I'd always wanted to make one for some time now but after getting box braids it became a sure necessity. Scrunchies are fun to wear and very useful to have in your bag or purse, especially if you have long hair, box braids/ twists in extensions or do sports. They are not only so easy and fast to make but you can make as many as you want to fit all you outfits!
For this scrunchie, I decided to use some of my left over ankara fabric to spice it up!

Check it out.

For this D.I.Y project, you're going to need :  fabric of your choice //  a pair of scissors // tape //  marking chalk // small elastic band //  at least 15 minutes // sewing machine [not compulsory] // thread // needle // pins // safety pin

Step one. You're going to cut out a 22'' by 6'' strip out of your fabric

Step two. You pretty much have a rectangle now. Lay the fabric down right side down. You should be looking at the wrong side now.

Step three. Fold the two small sides right side over. Fold about  0.3'' (1 cm) of the fabric on each side. 

Step four. Fold the fabric again lengthwise in two and pin the two sides together.

Step five. Sew the pinned side together 0.3'' (1 cm) from the edge.

Step six. Now you have a tube. Turn the fabric wrong side in so the tube should now have the right side of fabric facing you.

Step seven. Cut out about 11'' of the elastic and pin the safety pin to one end of it.

Step eight. Insert the elastic in the tube of fabric by putting the side with the safety pin in first. Use the safety pin to take the elastic band through the tube but don't let go of it at the other end.

step nine. When you have taken the elastic through the tube, hold on to both ends and try it on your wrist. Tie a knot with it according to how tight you want it to be or sew the ends of the elastic together (with a machine!)

Step ten. Now you should have the tube of fabric with the tied elastic in it. All you need to do now is get a needle and thread and stitch the two ends of the tube fabric together. Put on end of the tube into another and hem!

Easy as that! 

Make one, two three...heck make on for each outfit!

Are you also into scrunchies?


  1. Funbi!!! You are getting so good at the DIY projects! I really have to get back into crafting, this is so adorable!

  2. @ Kiki : Thanks sis!! :D Yes please do, so we can exchange ideas :)

  3. Jist nade this- really good idea! Please check out out blog ;-)

    1. OK! Can't wait to see what it looks like


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