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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Search For The Ultimate Deep Conditioner : Avocado and Coconut Milk - Take 2!


Blessings and love beauties!!

On my last wash day, I tried something I haven't tried since I first went natural.
Avocado and coconut milk deep conditioner.

If you have read the report of my first try, you will know the first one was not so successful. But since I do not doubt the properties of avocado and coconut milk, I decided to give it another chance.
I initially got the idea for this recipe from here but I decided to put less coconut milk because I didn't want the mix to be too runny.

Here's what I used :

● 1 hass avocado

● about 150 ml of coconut milk (less than one cup)

● 2 tbsp of honey

● 2 tbsp of olive oil

Here's what I did :

● I first mashed the avocado with a tbsp 

● I added the other ingredients and continued mashing

● I applied the mix to my hair and covered with a plastic bag

● I waited for an hour and the half before rinsing everything out

My results :

After rinsing out my hair, I noticed my hair felt a bit moisturized, soft and definitely stronger. I do believe the more you leave in the mix the better the results.
Another thing is, I strongly recommending mixing the whole thing in a grinder to eliminate the small bits because they'll get caught in your hair. I got a number of them there but I didn't bother picking them out but instead I waited for my hair to dry and while styling, they just fell right off so it wasn't really a bother for me but it might be for those that wear 'wash n gos' or who would like to style their hair wet.
Overall, I liked the results. I can truly say that this time around, I really like the outcome and though my hair was not as moisturized as I thought it would be, it truly felt well fed with nutrients. In addition, I found the mix a bit runny and it was too much for one use therefore, I will definitely be revisiting this recipe and most probably will be using less avocado and less coconut milk the next time.

Here's why I used the ingredients listed above :

● avocado : for nutrients, strength and moisture

● olive oil : for conditioning and shine 

coconut milk : for strength, moisture, help with detangling, and vital nutrients

honey : for shine and moisture

Have you tried the avocado and coconut milk deep conditioner? 
If yes, what was your experience?



  1. I have tried avocado, honey, milk, and olive oil and it has been my best DC thus far. I loved the results. My hair was soft.... LIKE CLOUDS.... I just can't find any avocado here in NC :(

  2. @ SheDel : Wow!! Those results sound great! Really, no avocado in NC?

  3. I also tri d thés and it was PERFECT!! LOVED it! I should use it more often!

  4. like the verdict....might try it this weekend

  5. @ FunTó : Yes!! So glad it worked out so well for you ;)

    @ Matilda : Yes please do! And tell us how it goes!


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