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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How To Keep Your Hair Moisturized During The Colder Months - Part 2


Keeping your hair moisturized during the cold months of Fall and Winter is not just about what you put in your hair, but it's also all about how you maintain your hair during the day and night. The harsh winds and low humidity does not just affect your skin and health but also your hair.

Here are a few things to observe during these cold seasons in order to ensure your hair stays moisturized and hence does not suffer breakage.

Style Your Hair : During the cold months, style your hair in low manipulative and low maintenance styles. These styles are what I call, "traditional" protective styles such as braids, corn rows and two strand twists and such. However, be sure to style your hair with the right products and properly, or else, you might defeat the purpose of these styles and cause unnecessary breakage. These styles not only help you keep your hands from your hair but they also help your hair retain moisture.

Wear Protective Fibers : To combat the cold, we wear protective gear like scarves, bonnets and the like. But most of these clothes are made out of textiles that are not good for our hair. When wearing a heavy, woolly scarf, for example, try tucking your ends if your hair is long enough to avoid them from brushing against the wool of your scarf and causing your ends to dry. In addition, when wearing bonnets and hats, please wear a satin scarf/bonnet underneath your hair to avoid drying out your hair. It's either that or line the inside of your hats with satin [which is actually a really creative idea]. 

Wear Your Hair Wisely : Try wearing your hair according to the weather. Try avoiding wearing your hair out in afros or twist outs when it's windy outside, snowing or very cold. Instead of leaving your hair in such styles, pin it up in an updo, pin up style or in a roll and tuck style. In fact, I would advice wearing your hair with your ends always tucked away and your hair secured on the coldest days.

Keep Your Hands Out Of You Hair : Refrain from touching your hair or having others touch it. The more you touch your hair the more you rob it of moisture. Aspire for styles that will keep you from touching your hair and make sure you get your hair styles right before leaving your home so you can be sure without a doubt it looks 100% gorgeous.

Accessorize To Protect : Wearing simple accessories such as scarves (satin please or wear a satin bonnet/scar underneath), head bands and hair combs can help to protect your hair. For example, you can wear a scarf and rock a turban, half - scarf look or even a head wrap and while you are wearing this gorgeous style, you are protecting your hair from the cold and keeping your hands away whiles staying fabulous. Hair combs and hair bands help secure the hair while giving it a great look. 

What precautions do you take to make sure your hair stays moisturized during the cold days?



  1. Thanks for the tips ! I have this habit touching my hair too much so I have been wearing style that prevent me from doing so ^.^ Soon I need to buy some more hair acessories to spruce up my look !

  2. @Tamara : It's always a pleasure sis!! Can't wait to see your hair accessories. :D


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