"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hair Update : I Love Braid - Outs

Blessings and love beauties!!

I pray you all had a blessed weekend.

Friday was wash day and after washing and leaving my hair to dry up to 95% I put in braids. I decided to put braids in for a braid out after the success of my first braid - out. I used my OMO OGO Naturals Moisturizing Leave - In Conditioner and the Avocado & Shea Hair Butter. There were about 16 braids in all and I left them till Sunday morning. Before taking them down, I spritzed my the braids lightly with my daily spritz then rubbed them with a bit of my OMO OGO Naturals Shea-Cocoa Hair Butter.
After taking them down, I fluffed them and parted the braids and here's what I got :

My hair felt soft, moisturized and looked shiny and was well defined. I'm sorry but the camera I used does not do justice to my hair but you get the idea.
I decided to put a head band in my hair and pin the sides back. I also left a pompadour in front. 
At church, I got so many compliments about my hair...I believe those that were oblivious to the fact that   my hair is natural prior to this got to find out on Sunday. Many asked me how I managed it and some even asked to touch it and then said, "wow, it's soft." It was great showing people that natural hair is beautiful and can be taken care of 100% if we just learned how.

Right now, I am totally loving braid outs and I believe I am shifting from twist - outs to braid - outs. I believe braid - outs nearly always work out whereas, twist - outs can easily be messed up. I should know. I have had some pretty bad twist - outs in the past and had to try out multiple techniques before they started being a success but with braid - outs, I have got it right both times. 

Which one do you prefer, braid - outs or twist - outs? 



  1. your hair has really grown....its amazing!!!

  2. @ Matilda : Thank you sis!! :D

  3. Your hair is gorgeous and growing growing growing!!!------vonzetta

  4. @Anonymous : Thank you sis!! :D

    @Precious : Thank you!! :D

  5. Love your braid out. I have a problem fluffing. When I'm done my hair is frizzy. Is there some special way to fluff our hair type?

  6. @Coilybella : Thank you sis!! :D

    @Natmane : Thank you sis!! I have noticed that using a water based product along with a butter to do the braid outs and to fluff each braid out before trying to shape the hair really helps avoid frizz or at least minimizes it! Hope that helps sis!

  7. @Natmane : It's always a pleasure sis!


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