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- Psalms 27 : 1

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hair Update : Chunky Bantu Knot Outs

Blessings and love beauties!!

I pray all is well with you all and that you have all had a wonderful week - end.

I have to be frank, I have been gone for a minute now... Firstly, I will say that I am doing great - all the glory be to God. Secondly, I have been so busy. So many things seem to be happening at the same time that's why I'd decided to take a little timeout but you have all been on my mind. I have truly missed my cyber family.

All's been well - body, soul and spirit. I am grateful to God for my life, for all He is doing and all He is still going to do.

My hair has also been doing great. Two Saturdays ago, I did small twists all over my head. I did not think to take pictures but I liked the twists and they gave me the opportunity to spend less time with my hair and more time other things around me. However, they frizzed up really fast and started looking a month old by the time they were just a week old. I took them out this past Friday and then on Saturday put in chunky bantu knot - outs.

I parted my hair in eight sections and sprayed a some water on each of them before applying my OMO OGO Naturals leave - In Conditioner and the Shea - Cocoa Hair Butter
On Sunday morning, I jumped out of bed and un did the bantu - knots to reveal lovely curls.
I love the curls and shine that came with the look... I also love how my hair stayed ridiculously soft all day!

Personally, I prefer chunky bantu knot - outs to the average ones because the former give me larger curls and more volume for lesser time. It took me about twenty minutes to do and I only left it for a few hours - since I slept late on Saturday and could only do it in the early hours of Sunday.

It is also good to note that this style was done on a twist out so it might even give better results on freshly washed hair.

Here's the look I rocked today :


I fluffed and pinned one side back and that was it! Talk about effortless curls!

You can rock this style anywhere and any time!!

Which one do you prefer - regular bantu - knot outs or chunky bantu - knot outs?



  1. Love the style. Very funky!

  2. they came out nice!


  3. looooove your hair sis, you look beautiful!

  4. I love the chunky ones becaues I spend less time styling and drying my hair. Regular ones take forever to dry. Love you hair Sis!!

  5. Hey girl! It's been awhile since I've been by the blog, but things are still looking lovely! Your hair seems like it's grown too, I love the knots!

  6. bantu knots are my fav.They give my hair volume too

  7. @ Precious : Thank you sis!! :D

    @ Funmi : Thank you sis!! :D

    @ Crystal : Thank you sis!! :D

    @ Aurélie Ariel : Thank you so much sis!! :D

    @ Natmane : Thank you sis! Yes, definitely less time on the chunky ones :D

    @ Ms. Cee C : Thank you sis! :D

    @ charish : Hey sis!! Nice to see you round again. I pray you are well. Thank you sis!! :D

    @ Chic Therapy : Hey sis! Thank you for dropping by! Yes, bantu knots give awesome volume!

  8. @ Riyana N : Thank you sis!! :D

  9. Very Very LOVELY! I like the white shirt ur wearing a lot as well!

  10. @ FunTó : Thanks so much sis!! :D


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