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- Psalms 27 : 1

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weight Loss : September Update


It's been nine months since I started my weight loss journey and I'm still working at it.

This past month, I mainly focused on avoiding sugar and fried food. Looking back now, I can say it's been a good month though during these last few days, I have indulged in a few sweet delicacies.

My goal was to loose 2 kilos/4.4 pounds but I ended up not loosing anything but rather I am still as light as I was last month. I do prefer this to putting on weight so I am content.

Thinking about it now and looking back these past nine months, I can boldly say, we are not all alike. We do not have the same type of bodies, that is to say, the same type of metabolisms therefore, we cannot all loose/put on weight in the same manner or by using the same methods. Everyone is different. I look around and I see some people who never put on weight, no matter what they eat and in fact, I know a lot of people like that. And then there are those that just have to cut down on their eating to loose some weight. Other put on and loose weight overnight - no joke.
Now I look at me, and try to understand me, my own body - how it works and what makes it tick this way or that.
After all the reflection, I have come to understand that I am one of those who easily put on weight, meaning, my metabolism is not as fast as it is for others and the only effective way I shed weight is by exercising. Exercising has worked in the past for me, even more that controlling what I eat. Generally, I don't think I have a bad diet, in fact, I think otherwise. In my family, we eat lots of vegetables, fruits and little sugar but what seems to be effective to me in loosing weight has been exercising.

I cannot say during these past nine months I have not learnt a lot about what to eat and when to eat it because I have and I have acquired some new and healthier eating habits however I believe the area I really need to work on now is exercising.
My short term dream is to fill my life with exercise. It is advised for us to do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day but right now, I cannot even boast of half of that. There is no doubt I need to step my game up in this department and I believe when I do, I will begin to see some accelerated changes concerning my weight and this, along with all my new healthy habits, will help me attain and maintain a healthy way of life

I want to take this time to thank you all for supporting me through this journey...you do not know what a great support you have all been. God bless you all abundantly!
I also want to encourage those on a similar journey...keep on going and take it one day at a time. Remind yourself over and over again of your goals and try to find something to encourage yourself with for times you get down (not food!!). Have fun with your journey because believe it or not, it is quite fun and stay focused!

If you are on a similar journey, how is it going? 
What are your goals?



  1. I am currently trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, it can be a struggle, but I am proud of what I have accomplished so far. I have lost a toal of 10lbs. in the last 2 months. I am trying not to focus on the weightloss part, but instead on building healthy eating & excercise habits. If I focus on those, I know the weightloss will follow!!

  2. I applaud you for changing your eating habit to a healthier one.Like you said, exercise is very important. You can do it. Take it one day at a time. There is a program called "Walking" with Leslie Sasnone. You can start with the one mile walk and build up tp three miles. This is all done within the comfort of your home. It is not vigorous at all and you are bound to lose calories and shed pounds. I have been using this for the past one month and I have to say that it fits into my crazy schedule of working, being a mom and a wife.

  3. Hey! I would definitely encourage you to ease yourself into more exercise if that makes sense. For example, it may be advised that you exercise for 30 minutes a day, so maybe start with 10 minutes one week, 15 the next and so on. Then gradually exercising 30 minutes a day wont seem that bad. I'm not speaking from experience but soon I will be as I'm starting a personal exercise programme for GCSE PE! The whole increasing the time as you go along thing is called progressive overload which means that you gradually increase the exercise your doing to gain fitness without the risk of injury. I hope that all goes well for you and with God's strength you achieve your goals! :D x

  4. well done....keep going...i need exercise still

  5. @ Anonymous : Wow! Congrats on the 10lbs you lost! You are right, it is best to just focus on healthy eating habits instead of the weight loss will DEFNITELY follow! Thanks for passing by and sharing your experience!

    @ Coilybella : Thank you so much sis for sharing this! I will definitely be checking it out! I need something like this to fit in my sometimes explosive timetable! I am actually excited about this because it sounds really effective yet pleasant. I would love to hear how it goes for you! and BIG UP on balancing exercising with being a mother, a wife and working!

    @ Serenity Spot : Hey sis! Thank you so much for stopping by! I really appreciate your advice and I will definitely be applying this by the grace of God. AMEN! By the grace of God I will achieve my goals and I pray you do yours too!

    @ Matilda : Thanks sis!!


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