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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Skin Care : My Golden Products So Far


It's been a few months since I've changed up my skin care regimen and have tried taking better care of my skin. Four months on, I can certainly say that I have seen changes. I get less pimples and they don't even last half of the time they normally did : they disappear quickly and leave practically no mark. My skin is overall more moisturized and not dry and flaky like it used to be. Looking back now, I can point out my golden products. These golden products are staples in my skin care regimen and I definitely have to keep them near. 

Shea butter : my skin absolutely loves this stuff. In fact, I use shea butter from head to toe. It has helped moisturize my dry skin and get rid of some of my black spots and scars. I was shocked when little by little, I found my scars were fading and my spots vanishing. I truly love shea butter and I think it's an important part of any healthy skin care regimen.

Black soap : I have been using only black soap for my skin for months now and nothing keeps my skin as clean and moisturized at the same time as my black soap. With my daily cleansing with black soap, I get practically no more pimples and I practically don't black out anymore.

Cleansing oil : This oil is my ultimate cleansing oil. It is always effective in removing make - up in one simple attempt along with the other grime and filth hidden under the skin. This has certainly reduced the spots and constantly kept my face clean.

Toner : this mix has helped get rid of any other dirt hiding away after using my oil and black soap. It has also helped close the pores on my face and kill any unwanted bacteria and co trying to cause any unwanted effects.

West African sponge : this sponge has been very effective in removing dead skins and dirt effectively from my skin. 

These are my staple skin care regimen that have given me wonderful results so far and I am definitely going to keep on using. 

What are the golden products in your skin care regimen?



  1. Its funny...I've been thinking about black soap,shea butter and the west african sponge...lol,i didnt know that was the name...I had to google it to make sure u were talkn abt what i was thinkn...they do actually work well...i need to go back to ma roots and yeahhhh,listen to older pple as well...they know wassup....thanks for reminding me that i really need this...i just need to hit an African shop.....hmmm

  2. I need to get my hands on that west african sponge. I really wished the natural stuff would work on my skin. I feel like I am enslaved to Proactiv which by the way, works well on my skin, but drains my purse...LOL

  3. I need to try your skin regimen because I definetly want to see improvement in my skin. Do you use the West African sponge on your face or just your body? Thanks for sharing this tip Hun!

  4. Shea butter is the ish! works really well on my skin too..I just need to keep using it consistently!

  5. @ Matilda : Yes, we need to go back to our roots...not only is it better for our health but also our wallets! :D Indeed, older people do know what's up! XD Glad to be of help sis!

    @ Coilybella : Yes, natural products are cheaper. How come they don't work on your skin?

    @ Funmi : Yes, I also use it on my skin but I make sure to soften the one I use for my face more than the one I use for my body. It's always a pleasure sis!

    @ Dammie : Yes, shea butter is definitely a great product for the skin sis!

  6. Hope to see you in the chat tomorrow (8pm eastern)! =]

    <3 FWB

  7. I love natural skin care. My skin has never been as nice has it is now. The following are my skin care staples:

    Face: honey (cleanser), green tea/tea tree oil mix (toner), sunflower oil (moisturizer)

    Body: African black soap (cleanser), West African sponge (exfoliator), Olive oil or shea butter/aloe vera gel/veggie glycerin mix ("lotion")

    In the future, I may use African black soap to cleanse instead of honey. My West African songe (from Nigeria) is the best thing ever! I don't eed any body scrubs because I exfoliate every day using the sponge.

  8. songe=sponge

  9. @ FWB : Thanks for passing by sis!!

    @ mangomadness : Yes, natural skin care is amazing! I am still looking for a good toner to stick with so I am interested in you green tea/tea tree oil mix :D I also LOVE the West African sponge that I also got from Nigeria..I stopped making exfoliating mixes when I realized my sponge can do it better! Sunflower is also GREAT on my skin but I use it as part of my cleansing oil. My skin soaks it right up! Thank you so much for sharing sis!


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