"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Relationships : Who Asks Who Out?


Many will say the answer to this question is the guy but the tendencies these days do not at all follow this. 
In this modern society we live in, women are also starting to ask guys out and heck, even ask them for their hands in marriage. Today, we will be covering the former issue.

Growing up, I was exposed to the customary belief and always had an image of a guy asking a girl out. But after moving to the Westernized part of the world, I was surprised to see that ladies were also taking the bold step in asking guys out.
As baffling as it may seem to some, it is actually quite normal for a number of women. 

So what prompts this kind of behavior?

Frankly, every woman wants their knight in shinning armor, or dream about that prince that would carry them away...you know, everyone believes in romance. But then, what is so romantic about asking the guy out?
Most women believe that if they don't do it, then nothing would happen. They do this to have at least some chance of going out with the guy while other women just like to be in control and be the one leading things.

Personally, I have never done this before and I don't think it's up to the woman to ask the guy out. Call me old fashioned, old school or whatever but it's what I strongly believe. It's the man that supposed to take that step. If you think you might never get a chance with a brother you like unless you do the asking out, well just hold on and instead of asking him out why don't you voice out how you feel, especially if it's someone you already know very well. I don't advice you to jump the gun because I truly think if a brother wants a relationship with you, he will let you know it. 
Remember Ruth who waited patiently for God to give her a mate and even when she knew she had a chance with Boaz, she never jumped the gun, rather she let Boaz start the relationship. I encourage you ladies today to hold on and wait patiently for God's time. God's plan is for the man to find you and take you not the other way round. So if you have feelings for a certain brother, pray about it and be patient. If it's God'd will, it will surely come to pass.

What do you think ladies and gents? 
Have you ever done this before ladies? 



  1. I am old fashioned as well and belive that the man should "find" the woman, afterall, "whoever finds a wife finds a good thing".From experience, having feelings for a guy, who may not feel the same way and letting them know always ends up in a disaster. It is not even necessary to tell a guy that you have feelings for them because if they do not feel the same way, you will end up getting hurt. It is better to take those feelings to God and let Him sort them out. When I finally stopped having feelings for guys but was still believing God for a husband, that's when I met my husband, who had been waiting on God for TWO YEARS to appoach me. All that time I spent getting heartbroken by someone else, there was another man, the one God chose for me, praying for me.

  2. @ Coilybella : That is amazing!! TWO YEARS?? Seriously, this is a testimony that God is always preparing the best for us and we will obtain it if we wait for His time!! You are right, even simple "feeling-sharing" could end terribly depending on who the guy is. I totally agree with you, if a woman has feelings for a guy, it is best to take them to God and pray about it. I am truly blessed by your story! That is just simply amazing! Thank you for your great input sis! :D

  3. @Coilybella: I LOVE ur story! Simply inspiring. More women need to hear it!
    @Funbi's, I totally agree! The man should do the asking. If he thinks the lady's important enough, he will go out of his way to ask her, putting aside his nerves or anything else! Lovely post!

    Tell the World

  4. Stupid advice that works only if you are interested in someone with the same background and the same culture as yourself, I'd say a man that is scared of a woman who takes initiative is not worth tje effort anyhow. I am not going to change my personality to someone I'm not to please a man, then I'd rather live a happy, amazing and fantastic life with friends and family around me. We talk too much in riddles, and men are not mind readers


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