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Thursday, September 29, 2011

How To Keep Your Hair Moisturized During The Colder Months - Part 1


With the arrival of the Fall comes new precautions regarding our hair care. With the harsh cold, the dry winds and little humidity, our biggest task is keeping our hair moisturized. With the cold, the hair dries out faster and dry hair only means one thing : breakage. To avoid this, constant care is needed when manipulating the hair as well as when maintaining it. 
Fall and winter can be a breeze and a pleasant experience if we take care of our hair properly.

Check out these tips to know how to keep your hair as moisturized as possible :

Deep condition often : To brace  our hair for the cold weather, many natural divas refrain from washing their hair, that is deep conditioning and the rest, often. But deep conditioning regularly during the winter months is one of the easiest way with which to keep our hair moisturized. It also nurtures the strands and keeps them strong enough to withstand the harsh conditions. It is true that washing the hair often can dry the hair out but this is only true if you are not treating your hair with the necessary treatments 

Pre-poo every time you wash your hair : It is essential to pre-poo each time you wash your hair, especially if you are going to shampoo your hair. A good pree-poo treatment adds a plus when it comes to moisture retention. [Check out this post for more on pre-pooing]

Protein treatments : Try including protein treatments in your routine to keep your hair strong and thus able to retain moisture. You do not have to do hard core protein treatments but little ones like a simple coconut milk and honey kind of treatment. Be sure to check your protein level before doing protein treatments especially if you are protein sensitive to avoid breakage. [Check out this post to know how to check your protein level]

Use a leave - in conditioner : Use a good leave in conditioner you have already tried before and have approved. This adds an extra coat of moisture and helps retain the one already gained.

Moisturize with a spray : Many call this their "daily spritz". Whatever you call yours, or whatever it it's base is, whether aloe vera juice, water or rose water, you need it more than ever during the winter months. Moisturize as needed but try to use a light spray, not something that will ruin your hair style or make your hair sticky or dirty quickly.

Moisturize with a water - based cream : This comes after the spray moisturizer and not only does this reinforce the results you get from just using the spritz it also helps moisturize, strengthen and protect from moisture - loss

Seal with butters and oils : Seal your hair before styling and when you moisturize with a butter (preferably a mix that contains oils too). This also helps keep the moisture in and avoid any damage from the external conditions. The thicker your hair is, the thicker your butter should be. Avoid putting in too much but rather, seal according to the amount of moisture you put in your hair to avoid dry, oily hair.

Avoid excess manipulation : during the cold months, excess manipulation can lead to moisture loss and thus breakage. Try wearing styles that keep your hands away from your hair or styles that need little manipulation.

Use beneficial products : there are a number of essential oils, carrier oils, herbs, actives, hydrosols, powders and clays that, when included in your hair regimen, promote [Watch out for the list]

How do you keep your hair moisturized during the Fall and Winter months?



  1. Great Post! I also love using Ayurvedic treatment as well.
    Deep conditioning with a leave in is going to be part of my regimen. I think my hair loves that better than the rinse out.

  2. @ Coilybella : Thank you sis. That technique sounds great :D

  3. great post! & great tips!


  4. @ Crystal : Thank you sis!! :D

  5. I sooo need to do more deep conditioning treatments! Good list of what to do to stay on top of the curls! :D

  6. @ The Retro Natural : Thank you sis!! :D


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