"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hair Update : Time Flies

Blessings and love beauties and gents!!

Since I've been on a sort of hiatus for these past few days, I thought it right to update you all concerning my hair.

Since I started my Healthy Hair Challenge 2011-2012, I've been wearing lazy styles such as buns, updos, roll & tuck styles, twists, twist outs (only far one day at a time). I have really been employing as little time as possible on my hair. I normally start my week with a twist out then wear updos and buns for the rest of the week before wash day and then the cycle repeats itself. 
Generally, I am loving what my hair is doing and I believe this is all down to my new hair regimen. I really give glory to God that, though it has taken 2 years, I now have a hair regimen that works 100% - no strings attached. Breakage has been minimum and my protein - moisture balance has been stable.

The name of this post is Time Flies because I cannot believe just how fast time has gone by. Wasn't it yesterday that we started Summer? Wasn't it yesterday that September began? Now October is just around the corner and the year is nearly over. I give all the glory to God and Him alone! Today, I thought back to how I used to be, how things used to be and I just could not believe God has been so good and has so much for me. I pray we finish this year safely and with all our expectations met. For those that might be looking up to God for one thing or the other, I truly encourage you to keep on waiting on God and wait for His time because He will surely surprise you and do the best for you at the right time!

That's what's been going on and this is how I am looking right now 

[By the way, this lovely double hair comb with stretchy beads has made it's way to my top accessories list]

If you are following my Healthy Hair Challenge 2011-2012, how has it been?



  1. Ooh I love the double hair comb - beautiful style!

  2. Looking good and I love that accessory...beautiful!!!

  3. @ Coilybella : Thank you sis!! :D I really appreciate all your kind words!

  4. Your hair is lovely!!! *NEW FOLLOWER HERE* I loving the hair accessory as well!!! Gorgeous!

  5. @ Charlotte's Avenue : Thank you sis!! Thank you for following!! I really appreciate it! :D


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