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- Psalms 27 : 1

Monday, September 12, 2011

D.I.Y : Altered Cardigan

Blessings and love beauties and gents!!

I pray all is well with you all and that you have started the week wonderfully.

Today's post is a bit different from the other posts, in fact, it's about a little D.I.Y. I mentioned a few posts earlier that I had taught myself how to sow over the Summer and had therefore been doing some experimenting.

This first D.I.Y post is about my beloved cardigan. I actually only wore this once this winter because on the very first day I wore I decided to start wearing it again, I noticed it it had two holes on one of the arms. I later realized they had been caused by carelessly hanging them in my wardrobe. Initially, I had planned on throwing it out but then I decided to play around with it.

By the end of this tutorial, you're going to go from a damaged long sleeved cardigan to a sleeveless one with a stylish twist.

For this D.I.Y project, you're going to need :  a cardigan //  a pair of scissors // a tape //  some pins // a sewing machine // a matching thread // at least 30 minutes

Step one. You're going to cut the arms of your cardigan to the new desired length but be sure to leave at least a bit less than an inch. Be careful to use the same measurements for both arms or else you're going to end up with two arms with two different lengths and believe me it's annoying ( I should know cause I've been there)

Step two. You're going to fold the sleeve you have cut inwardly and then secure with pins. Be sure to fold according to the final desired length.

Step three. Sew the folded parts part of fabric, making sure the right side (outside in).

Step four. By now, you've pretty much got yourself a cardigan with a new type of sleeves and you can stop there but if you want a sleevless cardigan like me then you can add a little strip of the fabric from the arms and tie it around the shoulder of the cardigan then sow the two ends of the strip of fabric together after fitting it as desired.

Quite frankly, I came up with this idea because one of the sleeves was a little bit longer than the other and I also thought it was a great way to add some funk to the cardigan.
To get the two strips for each shoulder, just cut the desired width (making sure to add less than an inch more) from the sleeves you first cut off then fold a bit of each side of the width and sew on each side to make them look neat. After that, place the strips around the shoulder and tighten as you like then sew the two free ends together.

And you're done!

I hope you found the instructions clear and straightforward.
Have fun D.I.Ying!

What else do you do with a damaged cardigan?



  1. I like this VERY VERY MUCH! Can't wait to see some of the other wonderful things you come up with Sis!

    Tell the World

  2. @ FunTó : Glad you do sis! Can't wait to discover new thing and share!

  3. So definitely gonna try this! HA!
    Thanks for the great fashion tip!


  4. @ Nequia : Hey sis! Thank you for stopping by! So glad the post was of help! Would love to see what you'll come up with :D


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