"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Yoruba Word Of The Week : Ìdáríjì


Ìdáríjì is the Yoruba word for forgiveness.

We have all needed Ìdáríjì at one point of our lives...from our friends, family and even especially from God.

Just as others dáríjì it is also required of us to do the same.

Remember, everybody deserves a second chance.

The noun is : Ìdáríjì // The verb is : dáríjì // A simple sentence is : Mo ti dáríjì e (I have forgiven you) and also Jesu ti dáríjì gbogbo ese mi (Jesus has forgiven all my sins)

May God help us to forgive like He forgives us!



  1. hmm...i wonder if i'll ever remember this word...its quite hard ...lol.....kp it coming...i enjoy the bit of ur blog...like a lot

  2. @ Tilly : lol, yes, it can take a bit of practice. I'm glad you like the Yoruba Word Of The Week segment! :D

  3. Peace and Thank You! Emme

  4. i <3 ur blog too! Lol. Seriously Sis, great job on the blog! I also LOVE this part of the blog for it's originallity and many more :)

    Tell the World

  5. I likr this week's Yoruba Word because it's something we all find hard or have found hard to do on two counts: Ask for idariji and dariji (as in, asking for forgiveness and forgiving others). But God sasy, 70X70 times!

    Tell the World

  6. @ Anonymous : Glory be to God sis!!

    @ Coilybella : Amen!

    @ Dammie : Glory be to God sis!! THANK YOU :D

    @ FunTó : Thanks hunny babes :D Glory be to God!! You have truly been a great support!! You are right, it is truly hard to do those two, may God help us!


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