"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What's Fab : I Need To Change Up

Some days, I get this bubbly feeling in me. I look out of the window and dream of a billion things.
I breathe and thank God for life.
I'm a dreamer by nature. No doubt. I think in the few years I have spent on this earth I have dreamt up enough stories/situations to go around the 6 billion + people on the face of the earth more than twice.
What, I make you laugh.
Listen, it's not really a joke.
I usually dream when things start to get uncomfortable...when the storm starts to appear and the sea waves start beating against my little boat.

Looking back now, I thank God I have lived through those storms to tell the story...
I still dream though...I imagine, recreate, rebuild, all in my mind.
In my head, things are different, and though you don't see it on my face, that's where I got to escape.

Enough beating around the bushes right? I mean, what am I talking about?

As I write this, my heart is heavy...it hurts a bit to still go back through the years and come back here.
Things have gotten better now but some things are still not as I want it, or should be...

But I've learnt...
I've learnt to give it all to Him. Surrender it to my maker, my Father in heaven, the glory and lifter of my head.
He's taken me through some things...if I started telling the tail, you might spit out the coffee in your might onto your computer screen.
Now we don't want that now do we?

I'm still beating around the bush right?
Sorry, I'll try to stop.

But this post is serious, a deep desire from the depths of my heart.
It's time to change.
My situation is not an excuse and my past is certainly not one either.
I can dream all I want but action is the principal dream.
Someone once said talk is cheap, yes but dreaming can also get quite cheap.
It's fun to dream, in fact, we should all dream, but no dream is going to drop on nobody's lap from heaven.
I once used to stay still, sit still, and dream. 
But I think I've been limiting myself too much. What I see now should not stop me from striving forward.
Even in the smallest things...

I want to be better, get better, fight harder, grow stronger, speak louder, dream eve bigger, work harder, get up over and over again.
My family, my friends, my choices, my past, my education or even miseducation is not an excuse.

I started out with a billion and one things to attain, yet over and over again, one thing seems to b pulling me down...they all seemed out of my control at first but now I see I can still fight through and do all those things I've always wanted to do.

Let me be real.
Right now, this moment, this second, it's school, then it's family, and then it's me... oh my heart is heavy.
No more tears...no sir, I've packed it in!

Yesterday I nearly asked myself, why are my like this?
That wasn't a question, it was a call to move...on!

I have so many things I want to do...but I will not forget my life is in His hands!
I do nothing of my own but that He might guide me!
I know not my days, but I believe He will satisfy me with long life!

So many things to do...yet at 21 I feel I'm slipping...I'm not tripping!

Plans, desires, dreams, all fuse into one.
Am I still in charge?

Lord take my plans and invade them, 
not my will but yours be done.

I don't really know what you are going through right now, but please rest assured, you are not alone, God is there with you!

I wasn't planning on making post but I was driven to just write this...

I do need a change.
I need to change up!
That's what's fab right now.

I need to change my thoughts, I need to stop limiting myself...I know God wants me to be much more...I need to go for it...be bold, stand strong, fight hard and keep praying!

Depression is not on my map, I refuse to walk down that alley...I want the broad boulevards and spacious avenues...I want a peaceful walk on Hope street...nothing more...

I need to change up!

I'm changing up!

Thank you for reading, thank you for following!
I love you all!



  1. pretty good piece of writing...glad dat thru it all u still rememba dat God is around...& He sure will make all things work togetha 4 ur good bcz u love Him nd r called accordin to His purpose..(Rom 8:28)... He is always preparing us 4 what is ahead..Be Patient!!

  2. I feel you Hun, you are not alone. I have been telling myself that also but I have realized that it is easier said than done. I need to put all my dreams into the hands of my creator and let Him lead me. I know that I need to stop dreaming and start living, I need to change up too. But I want you to realize that you have accomplished so much at such a young age especially with this blog and your product line. Even though I don't know you personally, I am very proud of you. Keep changing up Hun!

  3. Take my plans and invade them.-Beautiful quote~ Psalms 5:12 I pray over your life today and always~

  4. be strong and press on...God is working on your behalf....dont worry about it....have faith & know that you are victorious even in your state of disatisfaction or whatever the exact feeling is...God is doing something!!!!

  5. I hear you sis, I was feeling this way for a loooong time but it's important that although embrace our blessings, the things that God has given us in our life and run with them. HE doesn't want us idle and just waiting, He wants us to be fruitful and multiply (and I take this so much more than just the literal sense). Multiply and enhance the earth, future generations, your future...for greatness. This is one of the reasons I decided to go back to school- feeling stuck. I too have so many desires and wants but the important thing is to step outside the box and see things for what they have the potential to become. Take one thing at a time and TACKLE IT! If you need change, go get it huni and TAKE IT! You are such a beautiful woman with a glowing personality and a sincere love and admiration for God. He's talking to you girlie... and you're on the right track because not only do you hear him but you are LISTENING!

  6. @xflashinLITESx : Thank you sis!! AMEN TO THAT!

    @ Funmi : Thank you so much sis!!

    @ Emme : Thank you! Thank you for your prayers!

    @ Tilly : Thank you sis!! He sure is!

    @ Kiki : You are right sis!! Thank you so much Kiki, you are so sweet!!


  7. This post is right out of my head. I'm changing things for the better, with His strength

    Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)
    Muse Origins

  8. This is beautiful...simply poetic. I love the way you're REAL! The Lord is working on your behalf Sis, to complete that which he has started. May God Bless You for Sharing!

    Tell the World

  9. @ FunTó : Thanks babes!! Glory be to God! AMEEN to that prayer sis! Thanks for all the support sis! God bless you!


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