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Monday, August 1, 2011

Treat Your Hair To Some Chocolate! - I Did!


Blessings and love beauties!!

We all know cocoa powder right? Of course, we eat it all the time in snacks and it's the base of the powder used for hot chocolate drinks. Cocoa powder is obtained by grinding cocoa seeds and is an important component of all kind of yummy treats these days.

 But have you ever considered using it for your hair?

Bizarre right?

I was also skeptical when I came across it on the web and thought what can cocoa powder do for my hair other than make it smell like chocolate?

But I was curious

I ordered some 100% pure cocoa powder and tried it out!

Here's what I did : 

● I mixed 2 portions of the cocoa powder with 1 portion of honey, 1 of black strap molasses, 1 portion of olive oil, 1 portion of water, 1 portion of milk

● Put it all over my hair, from roots to end

● I then put on a plastic cap and a bonnet and waited for one hour before rinsing

A few benefits of pure cocoa powder :

● Moisturizes

● Cleanses

● Protects

● Gives temporary color

My results :

Firstly, I wish I had not put black strap molasses in the mix...in fact, I wish I had tried the cocoa powder alone. If you've ever tried black strap molasses, you'd know how messy it can get. The mix was quite runny and stained the whole bathroom and me. 
Secondly, I used this mix as a deep conditioning mix.
So, after rinsing out everything, my hair felt stronger, cleansed and a bit moisturized. 
I wasn't really pleased with the results because the it felt more like a strengthening/protein treatment than a deep conditioning treatment. 
Because I added other things to the cocoa powder, I cannot really fully tell what exactly it did to my hair.
In the future, I will be using the cocoa powder alone probably trying it as a pre poo treatment.
I do think that cocoa powder is a great cleanser and don't forget it is full of antioxidants that protect the hair!

If you do want to try cocoa powder, I would advice trying one that is 100% pure without any added sugar, preservative or anything, in order words, don't use the one you use to make hot chocolate! ;)

Though this was not a delightful experience, I will certainly be trying this yummy treat again!
I am definitely already sold!

[Stay tuned for how I use cocoa powder on my skin]

Have you ever tried cocoa powder on your hair? If so how, and what were the results?



  1. That's interesting. Sounds like you coulda put that mixture in the oven and baked it lol. Did it leave ur hair smelling chocolaty tho?

  2. hmm. this is really interesting..miht try it
    n thanks for stopping by my blog! :)
    heres the price list or you

    Necklaces--> 15 each
    Small bangles(pack of 5) ---> £5
    Big bangles --> £5 each
    Earrings --> £3
    Ruffles and headbands--> £2

    You can use the pics as a guide to select your preferred colours :)

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. @ Jess : lol yes! Yes it smelt like chocolate but the smell of the black strap molasses somewhat overpowered it and it doesn't last long in the hair.

    @ Dammie : Thanks sis! It's a pleasure. Ok, thanks for the list!

  4. OKay yes, I am thinking of making a German chocolate cake right now for some reason! Lol, chocolate is great for the hair! I'm very interested in how you use it in your skin care routine :)

  5. @ Kiki : lol!! Yes, I will be updating on how I use it on my skin!

  6. I've never tried cacao but I have some organic powder just sitting in the cupboard..experimentation project!

  7. @ The Retro Natural : lol! Let us know how it goes!

  8. Hmmm...I have some cocoa and cacoao powder in mu kitchen. I night try this mixing one of them with coconut milk and honey.

  9. @ mangomadness : Yes please do! And let us know how it goes!

  10. First time to bumped in your blog and comment. Cocoa powder seems really weird to my hair. Although you said that we should buy the 100% pure. I'll stop by the grocery and try. Thanks!


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