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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Search For The Ultimate Deep Conditioner : Rhassoul Clay Mix


Blessings and love beauties!!

After falling immediately for rhassoul clay after my first time using it, I quickly decided to incorporate it into my hair regimen and experiment with it.

Two wash days ago, I decided to try it out as a deep conditioner and see if it was just that good.

Here's what I used :

● 3 portions of rhassoul clay

● 2 of virgin olive oil

● 3 of coconut milk

● 3 of diluted ACV

Here's what I did :

● I mixed everything together into an homogenous mix

● I applied it to my hair after shampooing and applying and doing a small ACV rinse

● covered my hair with a plastic bag and went about my business around the house

● waited for nearly six hours before rinsing everything out

My results :

I fell deeper. Yes, this mix left my hair feeling so soft it was surreal; strong; shiny; mega moisturized! My hair loves it! Therefore, so do I. For now, this is one of my favorite deep conditioners and I will try to be doing this at least once a month! It sure is a keeper for me!
I do believe the longer you leave this mix in your hair, the better and the more wonders it will work! I had actually wanted to use this deep conditioning mix on my last wash day and leave it overnight but I didn't get the chance. I will try leaving it for a longer period and compare the results!

I purposely mixed these ingredients, let me tell you why :

rhassoul clay : for moisture, strength and deep cleansing

virgin olive oil : for conditioning and shine 

coconut milk : for strength, protein and vital nutrients

ACV : to remove hard water build up, correct pH, for moisture, for shine and to increase manageability

I believe these ingredients work wonderful together! 
[I just love getting what I expected from a mix and much more!]
When trying the mix out, you can lay around with your favorite oils and so on just make sure you are balancing out the mix and know exactly what you want from each ingredient!

What is your favorite deep conditioning mix? 
Have you tried rhassoul clay? If so, what were your results?



  1. Hi!!

    This mix sounds easy an cheap!!! I need almost half a bottle of conditioner to feel my hair moisturized and this is ruining me!!! I will try it for shure. I have a doubt: do you detangle your hair with this mixture? If not, in which part of the process you do it?

    Thank you for sharing!!! ;)

  2. Hi CinnamonLyla!! Yes, it is really easy and really cheap too! I understand what you mean about the conditioner, my hair also drinks it...the best thing to do is to find a good, thick conditioner that easily detangles and conditions without using nearly half of the bottle. No, I do not detangle with this...I detangle with my conditioner after rinsing this mix out. If you want a cheaper alternative for detangling, you could try other deep conditioners like honey, coconut milk and olive oil. Please let me know how it goes! By the way, many thanks for stoping by and following!
    You are welcome sis, it's a pleasure! ;)

  3. Wow! That worked? It's so weird but it does sound like fun to try out


  4. @ Muse Origins : Yes it did sis!! It's also fun! Let me know how it goes ;)

  5. Ooooo!!! Rhassoul clay is my babbbyy!!

  6. @ Anonymous : I know what you mean!! :D

  7. Thank you for this post... but did you use coconut oil or olive oil? You mention one at one point and the other later in your post.

    1. Hi Anon!
      It's a pleasure. Sorry, I just realized I hadn't replied your question. Yes, I meant extra virgin olive oil. Sorry for the mx up :)

  8. Oh, thanks so much for this!!! I'd love to use the recipe but not 100% about the coconut milk, do you think I could sub it for a light protein conditioner instead such as ORS Replenishing Con? Thanks again!

    1. Hi Claudia.
      It's a pleasure. Yes of course, that sounds good! I'd like to know how it goes ;)


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