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- Psalms 27 : 1

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Naturally On A Budget : Pamper Your Tools


After the BC, or even during the transition - for those of us that transitioned - we found ourselves changing our hair tools. In fact, after going natural, we find out that most of the tools we used to use on our hair are just big no no on our fragile kinks. So we run to our local beauty shops and fill up!

But these things cost money...right?

Of course, I remember when I first went natural...I spent quite a few and more on tools alone!

However, as natural queens on a budge, the real deal is preventing that kind of "bulk" spending re-occuring over and over again.

Yes, as naturals, we don't only splurge our money on hair products that might just do IT for us, but also on tools that is just RIGHT for our hair texture.

Nevertheless, it's not in the buying these tools that there's a problem, it's in the frequency with which we go out to buy them.
Now as a natural on a budget, the best way to prevent spending too much on hair tools is simply to...

pamper your present tools

Yes, pamper them.

It doesn't matter how many you have, or what you use them for, it's all about taking care of them.

If you do not want to go out buying for this or that every now and then, well then, you better take good care of them.

Here are a few tips to help us out :

Clean your tools often : Whether it be your wide tooth comb, your shears, or denman brush, be sure to keep them clean! Do not neglect your tools. The best time to clean your tools is immediately after using them or else you might just forget to do it later on.

● Organize your tools : Don't toss your tools just about anywhere or else, one thing can happen and you might end up damaging them!

Be careful about the needs of your tools : Don't do something that might harm your tool to it. FOr example (my very own personal experience), don't rinse your comb that happen to have metal teeth with the water from your tap if you have hard water, or else, the metal will rust.

Treat your tools with care : When using your tools, take care about how you use them, be sure to use them for the purpose they have been designed for.

Don't tamper with your tools : Do not try to alter your tools in anyway except if the they were made with the possibility to be tampered with (for example, the denman brush)

Those are just a few tips to taking care of our tools and thus making sure we do not have to get new ones unnecessarily!

How do you pamper your tools?



  1. I love the picture with the little girl so cute! Nice post Sis!

    Tell the World

  2. Nice post. I regularly wash my tools (clips, fabric hair ties, scarves/bonnets, etc) with African black soap.

    With that said, I've tampered with a tool. I filed down the seams on my shower comb. I haven't used it in months but when I do it'll be a tad bit closer to being seamless.

  3. @ mangomadness : Thank you sis!! Yes, I also wash my tools with black soap!! Your nearly seamless comb sounds interesting!


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