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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mixology : Homemade Leave - In Conditioner Do Or Don't?


Blessings and love beauties!!

I pray you have started your week wonderfully...

Today, while going down memory lane in my mind, I realized there were a few interesting experiences of mine I had not shared yet with you all...

I remember early in my natural hair journey, while I was still experimenting with a whole lot of products, (products that were great for other natural queens but not me) and trying to establish my staple products, I really needed a leave in conditioner. I didn't even have one that did the job right....While searching on the internet, I came across a few videos and articles where naturals said they used their regular conditioner as a leave in. At first I was skeptical about this, like I was about putting a lot of things in my hair at the time. I did some more research and finally decided to give it a try.

Here's what I did :

● I mixed about two tbps of my regular conditioner with about 200 ml or so of water (I eye balled everything so I cannot say precisely how much of what I used) in a spray bottle

● I used the mix as a leave in a few times

Why this should work :

● a leave in conditioner is supposed to do the same thing as a regular conditioner but on a lesser scale 

● diluting a regular conditioner would lessen it's effect

● using water to dilute a regular conditioner makes it a great for moisturizing and sealing in moisture

My results :

● itchy scalp

● sticky hair

● hair got dirty much faster

● moisturized hair

● semi stiff hair

Why it didn't work :

● regular conditioner is heavier than a leave-in conditioner

● regular conditioner is meant to be washed out because it is more potent than leave-in conditioner and can thus irritate the scalp and cause build up

Though this method did not work out for me at all, I do believe it could be great for some natural divas. I believe the results depends on the type of conditioner you use and how much diluting you do. To me, a light, moisturizing conditioner (with non scalp - irritating ingredients) would be great and the more you dilute the better, depending on your hair needs.
But it's also good to note that when using this kind of leave in, it is best to shampoo regularly because since you are using a spray bottle, some of the product would be getting to your scalp and over time, this can cause build up on the scalp (thus clogging your pores) and build up on the hair over time.
Another thing is, if you are using this as your leave in, try avoiding using it everyday, or instead, try making it as light as possible (diluting it as much as possible).

I used a very thick and heavy conditioner with some protein and moisturizing properties and I also did not dilute it so much...I believe all this contributed to my bad experience. Whatever the case, I doubt I will be trying this again anytime soon because I really believe regular conditioner is best washed out to avoid any scalp issues or problems with build up.

When it comes to doing what it should do, yes, I believe this kind of leave in delivers in that department but when it comes to dealing with the issues that comes with it, I would say, just grab a leave in conditioner.

Have you ever tried this kind of leave in? 
If so, what are your results and how do you make it?



  1. I hear you! When I first chopped, I had no clue what I was doing and would leave rinse-out conditioner in my hair for days. My hair started getting real brittle-like and my scalp was ALWAYS itching. Lol, those were the days!

  2. lol...just grab a leavein conditioner...i like that....ohw btw,u might wanna edit the 2nd reason why it didnt work...."regular conditioner...is more potent than regular conditoner"

  3. @ Kiki : lol! Yes, those were the days! I guess we had to go through them to learn!

    @ Tilly : Thank you sis for pointing that out!!

  4. The only leave in I would make is an water/aloe vera/glycerin mix. Other than that I'll just buy one. Haha

  5. @ mangomadness : I see what you mean sis!!


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