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Monday, August 8, 2011

Looks Like A Blow-Out!

Blessings and love beauties!

I pray you have started your week well!

I decided to finally come and tell the part two of my fairy knots story.

As I had planned on that night, the next morning, I tied a scarf over my head and headed to the closest shops to get me some shears but guess what I also got?

A new paddle brush.

I grabbed it because I thought, it would help with detangling the strands and thus reduce the chances of single strand knots.

Alright so I get home and since my hair were in the braided roots twists I decided to work on my hair in these sections. I started by undoing each twist and then I searched out the strands with knots. What a job!! I had to strain my eyes and stand in front of the mirror! Anyway, after spending about one hour alone on the first twist, I decided to try and brush the next section with my new paddle...simply out of curiosity...So for the first time in eight months, I finally used a brush/comb on my hair...and I fell instantly in love with that brush! It smoothed my hair and detangled like nobody's business even on dry hair!! (well my hair had a lot of coconut oil in it so I'm guessing that helped with the dry hair detangling). So before searching out the knotted strands I brushed each section!

Hours, and I mean many hours later of standing and my back aching, I finally finished. I doubt I got every single knot, but I'd certainly done the most part. 
After all the brushing, my hair looked like the above picture.

I couldn't get over it. My hair felt so smooth and so detangled - dry! I'm telling you, this brush instantly became my absolutely favorite!

I loved the fro it gave me so much I couldn't help take pictures and I even decided compare it to about a year ago.

Here's the comparison :

I still can't get over just how much it looks like I used a blow dryer in the pictures - which I didn't and I'm not planning on using any time soon. It felt weird though, using a brush after sooo long but I certainly did not regret it. I believe it's time my hair gets reconciled to them.
Right now,  I am not using this brush anymore, but I still love it so, so much! I am also presently working to keep my hair knot free and grow healthy, strong hair!

But why, you ask, why am I not using this brush I love so much anymore?

I don't know if you can see in the picture, but the teeth are made of [very flexible] metal with plastic balls on their ends. 

The first time I used this brush on wet hair with conditioner, it worked like a dream! The second time, it did the same thing but the day after that wash day, I found the teeth were rusting (if you look at the picture well enough you'll notice the brown color of some of the teeth)! 
I was appalled! I realized it must be my hard water supply since I rinsed it with the water from the tap. I tried everything to clean it (ACV mainly) but I only managed to do it partially. I was so annoyed! I had under estimated just how hard the water supply here is and had never in a million years my great new comb would ever rust! 
Anyway, I did not want to take any chances on damaging my hair so I am not using it anymore. 

A few days later, I went shopping with my baby sister and I came across the brush again...I was about to pick it up but my baby sister told me to try another brand. After looking through their selection of brushed and combs and after asking the shop attendants for advice I finally decided to buy a brush that looked like a denman brush.

I tried this one today and I was terribly disappointed, the thing could barely move through my hair...Too many [rigid] teeth and hair that's too thick does not equal detangling. I was disappointed because I like the way the teeth of the brush are rubber, without any balls, resistant and a bit flexible. But no, it's not for me. I ended up finger detangling the rest of my hair. I tried one of my old wide tooth combs but no thank you...wide tooth combs are just not my thing, for real.

Stay tuned for my upcoming video about my 8 months without combs/brushes!

This is the conclusion of my knotty situation. I would like to get another great paddle brush some time soon though... 
Which combs/brushes do you recommend?



  1. I had a brush like that with the little balls on the ends and your right, it is terrible after using it the first time I gave it to my girls for their dolls. I use the denman brush but not alot and only on super wet conditioned hair.

  2. You have really come a long way and retained a lot of length keeping combs out of your hair. But I know how much of a pain those knots can be. Sorry about your brush Funbi... that sucks that it rusted only after one day. :(

  3. @ naturallady : I see what you mean sis!

    @ Kiki : Thanks sis!!

  4. Yay, I love how awesome your hair looks after you brushed it out. :)

    The Cat Hag
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  5. Love your progress sis! Sorry to hear about the bad brush experiences. I've heard great things about the Denman and I recently got a Bass brush as a gift. It's similar to the Denman. It just glides through! I love it. I used it in my recent detangling vid on the blog. Best of luck finding that brush :)

  6. @ The Cat Hag : Thank you!!

    @ Precious : Thanks hun!! Glad to hear the brush works great! :D

  7. If I want to use a tool to detangle my hair instead of my fingers, I have to do it the same way--with lots of oil. My hair is too brittle when dry, and too weak when wet. I use a Denman brush. While I'm not completely in love with it, it does help when I want my hair detangled enough for, let's say, mini twists. But I still have to be careful even with my Denman or my strands may snap >_< But I have found that gentle finger detangling under running water (additional product unnecessary) produces great results. However, I'm not sure if that would be a viable solution for you with your hard water situation.

    By the way, Funbi I love your blog ^_^ I just discovered it about 3 days ago. Your words are very lovely and positive and uplifting.

  8. @ Ladybug : Yes, I see what you mean!! I really believe the coconut oil helped with the dry hair detangling! Water also helps to detangle but your are right, since I have hard water, I only try to use it when I really need it.
    Oh and Ladybug, I am so glad the blog is of help!!! This really made my night, lol ;) God bless!

  9. I thought it was a blow out upon first glance, it's grown so much! :) I don't use my denman much now, I think I need a paddle brush with a larger surface area like the black one you posted. I'm gonna be keeping my eyes open for one :D

  10. @ The Retro Natural : Thanks sis!! :D I'm also looking for a new paddle brush...I've heard a lot of good things about the conair ones...unfortunately, I can't get my hands on one over here


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