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Friday, August 26, 2011

Healthy Hair Challenge 2011 - 2012


After a lot of thought and considering the condition of my hair, I decided to go on a Healthy Hair Challenge. I first spoke about it here as a Protective Style Challenge but I have decided to broaden it and tackle the real problems I have with taking care of my hair.

This challenge will run from the 1st of September 2011 to January 31st 2012
- 6 months in all.
Anyone can join in at anytime, in fact, I would love to have some of you natural queens on this challenge to healthier hair. If you are joining the challenge, just leave a comment at the bottom of this post and when I do my weekly/monthly updates, be sure to leave comments at the end of the posts to tell me how it is going and if you have a twitter account, please watch out for my tweets (@DatFunkyFro about the challenge and tweet me to let me know how it's going. You can also send me pictures of your hair and share any tips!
I would really appreciate it!

Now, here is what the challenge entails :

 Cleansing :

Shampoo hair every 3 weeks with sulfate - free shampoo : to keep the scalp clean

-- I will be using my liquid black soap shampoo

● Do an ACV rinse every 3 weeks : to avoid hard water/product build up // cleanse the scalp thoroughly

Clarify every 9 weeks : to cleanse thoroughly // to strengthen the hair strands

-- I will be alternating between shikakai powder and neutral henna

Treatments :

Pre - poo every 3 weeks : for extra moisture // for a bit of protein

-- I will be using my conditioner and olive oil mix

Deep condition every 3 weeks : for moisture // for vital nutrients

-- I will be using my rhassoul clay mix once every 6 weeks

-- I will also be using bentonite clay once every 9 weeks 

Conditioning every 3 weeks : for moisture // detangling

-- I will be detangling with both my fingers and paddle brush

Tea rinse every 3 weeks : to avoid with excess shedding 

Styling :

Style by using : leave - in conditioner // hair butters // daily spritz

● Wear protective styles at least 5 times a week : buns // two strand twists // flat twists // updos

● Wear scarves/beanie/bonnets/berret at least once a week : to cut down on manipulation

● Only wear "out" styles maximum once a week : twist outs // braid outs // pin up updos


Avoid styles that pull the hair like puffs : to keep edges from breaking // to avoid weakening the hair through tension

Moisturize hair at least once every two days, especially the ends

Search and destroy single strand knots/spit ends once every 3 months

-- I will only be using my shears specialized for my hair alone to avoid damaging the hair while cutting off the damaged strands

Absolutely no heat styling

Always wash in sections

Keep hair as stretched as possible : to avoid knotting

Now here are my goals for this challenge :

healthier hair 

Yes that's really pretty much it. If length comes with it, then so be it, but I have nearly become distracted with length that I've almost forgotten my ultimate goal : healthy hair.

This challenge does not only help me work towards healthier hair but it also is a great way to worth with my hair during the cold months of winter where our hair needs maximum TLC.

As I stated above, please let me know if you will be joining this challenge. The challenge starts on the 1st of September 2011 and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know!

Please note that I might be adding other things to the list, before or after the challenge starts... but I will surely be letting you know.

Have you challenged yourself lately?



  1. Sounds good. I need to do this!! I'll probably start the week after ya!

  2. Thanks for challenging us, I will love to join, but theres something I don't understand. I don't understand ACV rinse and how to 'clarify'. Please, can you explain in detail?

  3. @ Emme : YES! You are totally welcome to join sis!!

    @ @ilola : It's a pleasure sis!! I would love to have you on the challenge too! I personally use the ACV rinse to get rid of hard water build up on my hair and any scalp build up I might have. ACV is great for smoothing the hair, giving it shin and getting rid of build up. You can check under Hair Recipes for the post on how I used it or just search ACV on the search bar. To clarify is totally cleansing the hair and getting rid of product build up especially from using products with ingredients that are not water soluble...there are shampoos and natural clays and powders that do this really well. A clarifying shampoo is different from a normal one because it really cleanses the hair shaft thoroughly. My black soap shampoo is mainly for my scalp that is why I also clarify with natural powders! I really hope that helps sis!! Don't hesitate to ask anymore questions you might have!! :D

  4. I'm up to the challenge. Count me in.

  5. Bon courage pour ton challenge!! Je vais faire de même avec mon Hyde your hair challenge

  6. @ envaka : That's great sis!! Thanks for joining!

    @ Bine : Merci ma soeur! Bon courage à toi aussi :D Juste pour savoie, c'est quoi ton Hyde your hair challenge? :)

  7. In preparation for the challenge, I have been reading and researching a few products. I've decided to forego store bought items and use natural products that I make for the length of the challenge. I'm still working on all of the particulars. I'll share my plan within the next day or so.

  8. @ envaka : that sounds great sis!! Natural products are always better, no doubt! Thank you so much for keeping us updated on your plans and products you are thinking of using! Keep them coming sis! :D

  9. Definitely doing it (:


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