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- Psalms 27 : 1

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hair Update : FroStoppa's Braided Roots Twists

Blessings and love beauties!!

I pray you are all having a great week!

Just a quick update...

Well in truth, this is non up to date but, I forgot to post it...

So two weeks ago, after washing my hair, I decided to try the lovely Ms-gg of FroStoppa's braided roots twists.

I applied the same product I always use for regular twist - OMO OGO Naturals Shea-Cocoa Hair Butter - and got braiding + twisting.

As I started styling, I realized I'd nearly forgotten how to braid my own hair! That's what happen when you only twist for one year plus!

Anyway, I got the hang of it after the first few braids.

Here are my results :

The pink arrows point out the braids.

Though I didn't wear them out, I was planning on doing it.

According to my experience, here are the advantages of braided roots twists :

Does not shrink : yes! It as great to do twists, for the first time, that did not shrink!

Great braid outs : Check out Ms-gg's twist outs and you'll see what I'm talking about! The twist outs are fuller and you can prevent them from shrinking by keeping the braided parts undone!

Here are the disadvantages of braided roots twists :

Takes longer to do than regular twists : Because of the braids, they took longer to do but it's nothing dramatic. It's even better if you're used to braiding your own hair.

Takes longer to take out than regular twists : Yes, also true. You'll need a rat tail comb to undo the braids.

Well, that was my experience!

Will I be trying this again?

Umm....by the grace of God


And would I recommend them?



I loved them and really liked the way the twists did not shrink!

A BIG THANK YOU to Ms-gg for sharing this with us!!

Have you ever tried the braided roots twists?
If yes, did you like them?



  1. I use the braided roots method since my hair is fine. The twists tend to hold better at the root and last longer. I have to agree with you on the take down process, which you will need a pintail comb to take out the braids. However, overall, it is a great method

  2. Yes, my second go round being a natural, I used to braid my roots then twist the rest in order for it to have a super neat look as opposed to the frazzled look. Peace Love and God Bless

  3. @ Tinule : Hey sis! Yes they do hold much better!

    @ Emme : Hi sis! Yes the braided roots method gives somewhat twists. God bless you too sis and much love!


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