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Friday, August 19, 2011

Hair Update : First Time Braid - Outs

Blessings and love beauties!!

I pray all is well with you and yours!!

Here's another quick Hair Update...

After doing all the washing last wash day, I decided to try something I've never really tried before :

Braid - outs

Yes, I have never worn a braid out.

I don't know but...I have always preferred twists/ twist - outs ... mainly because of the ease I guess...

So I put in 16 braids put on my satin bonnet scarf and went to bed.

On the next day, I took them down and .... loved it!!

Though I didn't get much definition, I liked the fullness that came with the braid outs and how my hair laid. In fact, I cannot easily wear my hair in this way with twist outs so it was sort of a first time wearing my hair like this...

I like the look a lot and I think I've become a fan of braid - outs but here's what I've learnt about braid - outs :


● gives a fuller look

● hair lies where you want it to

● stretches hair out more than twists


● takes about three times longer to do than twists

● takes about four times longer to take out than twists (I was in a hurry that morning so you can imagine...)

● it's harder to achieve good definition

But this was my experience with them and remember, it's my very first time so after playing with it a few more times...I'm sure I'll only master it...though I doubt I'll be getting used to the time it takes to put on and take out any time soon...

I wore this hair do all day and loved every minute of it...I did get some looks but what's new? 
By the end of the day, by around 9 pm shrinkage had kicked in and it wasn't looking quite the same anymore ... but either way, that's the nature of my hair so I'm not even considering that!

Do you wear braid - outs? 
If so, what are your experiences?
Any tips?



  1. I love it on you!! Too cute! I have worn a braid out before, but I twisted the end. My hair turned out very similar to yours, except one thing I have never tried--braiding to the front for a bang look. You gave me a new idea! Anyways, great blog and great hair girlie!! :D

  2. Your hair looks great Funbi! I really like the braid-out on you. I cannot get the braid out to like me for anything. Maybe I have to wait for a bit more growth.

  3. Love it sis. You are right. It gives a fuller look than twists but with less definition. It looks great though!!

  4. @ Quisha Hall : Thank you so much sis!! I actually stumbled upon the bang...never planned it but I'm glad it turned out like that!! Thanks for the kind words sis, it really means a lot!

    @ Kiki : Thank you sis!! lol!! I think there's a length factor that is directly linked with braid/ twist out but braid out are more strict when it comes to length it seems...maybe subconsciously, that's why I'd never tried it before! Thanks again!

    @ Tinuke : Thank you so much sis!! :D I pray all is well with you and yours sis!

    @ Ms-gg : Thank you sis!!

  5. Awwwww, so pretty ^_^

  6. This is really nice sis! Seriously! But I think I prefer twists outs, more curls I guess!

    Tell the World

  7. CUTE,Cute,Cute!!!!!! That's a I can say. -----Vonzetta

  8. @ Ladybug : Thank you!! :D

    @ FunTó : Thanks babes!! Yes, twists give more curls!

    @ Anonymous : Thank you!! :D Your kind words are always appreciated!

  9. I love braid outs! Makes your hair look full & big.. a good way to have better definition is to use a good curly hold butter.. not sure what you used, but I know that's helpful.. the top 2 I heard that were really good were Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, & Bee Mine Curly Butter

  10. @ Crystal : Thanks sis :D I used one of my butters...I totally agree with you, it definitely has something to do with the product used. I will have to improve on my butter for more definition for my braid outs though it gets the job done for my twist outs. Thanks for stopping by sis and thank you for the tip! It is much appreciated!


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