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- Psalms 27 : 1

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hair Update : Back In The Game

Blessings and love beauties!

I pray you have all started the week well...

It's time for another Hair Update...

Yesterday was wash day and after washing I decided to put in some twists.

Yes, finally, some twists.

I have really missed protective styling my hair but now, I am back in the game! I got a little bit carried away with the Summer but that's over now...

My main reasons for going back are :

1. The health of my hair. I do not want to go through what I went through with fairy knots again (updates coming on what happened afterwards)! I have also certainly noticed the overall health of my hair is threatened by too many "out styles".

2. The time I take to do my hair every day is just not okay with me anymore. I want to go back to just waking up, moisturizing a big and go!

3. Wearing too many "out styles" means the hair gets dirty more easily and that means more washing. My wash days are loooooooong and my hair is not the everyday washing type at all so that being said, I want to keep my hair clean as possible and stretch the duration of my styles in between washing.

At first, while styling, I started out with large twist and told myself I'd keep them in for one week before the next wash. After I was done, I left the bathroom, thinking I was finished but about an hour later, I went back and parted the large twists into smaller ones and then decided to go back to my old (winter) washing routine that is waiting/styling for 3 weeks in between washes.

I never actually set out to do this but I realized it was a decision I had to take to ensure the 100% health and care for my hair. Right now, I am still contemplating whether I will be washing my scalp with the twists on but for sure, these twists are staying in for 3 weeks or if not, I'll be doing another protective style before the 3 weeks are done. 

This is a sort of preparation for my Protective Style Challenge that is coming up from September.
Oops, I spilled it.
Yes, I will be starting a protective style challenge from the 1st of September 2011 to January 31st  2012 by the grace of God. This is a sneak peek and I'll be making a whole different post about it.
Any one of you ladies who want to join me on this challenge are welcome!
Details are coming soon!

For now, I am rocking these twists.

Today, I wore an updo, which are my favorite kind of style!

Are you the protective style kind of diva or just a wash n go queen? 



  1. You look so cute! Especially in the last picture! ADORABLE (Sweetest big Sis ever!)! Love the hair do! CREATIVITY!

    Tell the World

  2. Thanks hun!! Now you're just making me blush! :D xx

  3. I really love your energy and smile lol. #random

  4. @ 1BlessedNatural : Thank you sis!!

    @ LaNeshe : Thank you sis! :D


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