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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why Natural Hair Can Never Be A Trend

Blessings and love beauties!!

Today, I'm going to be talking about a subject you have all aware of or might have heard about and that concerns us very much.

"Natural hair is a trend." 

Have you ever heard that, have you ever come across such a statement?

Well, I have.

The very first time I heard this was on YouTube.

Of course I am not going to name the YouTuber because it doesn't matter who said it, it's why it was said.

This statement really turned my stomach and brought chills to my spine. 

I was like, "say what??"

A trend!?!?!

How in the world could natural hair be a trend?

Firstly, let us examine the reason some people are so convinced about this :

● Natural hair is coming back. Yes remember the pictures from back in the days of women rocking their afros and all? Well yeah...and now bam, it's all coming back. This is one of the arguments that natural hair is a trend that goes and comes back.

● Women are copying "celebrities" who have natural hair.

● Women are going natural because it looks good on another one and so everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

Secondly, let us break it down and reveal why natural hair can never be a trend :

Now, it's true that the amount of natural divas since let's say a few years back has sort of sky rocketed. I have noticed this from my first natural hair journey to my second one, the amount of natural hair sites, blogs, YouTube channels has increased exponentially. No joke sisters! 


So what?

Women are going natural because they are just not happy with what their hair has turned into, because they want healthier hair, because they are tied of the every 6 weeks visits to get their perms, because they want to rock their God given hair...These are the reasons women go natural (and more).
YES, we are tired and we are finally educating ourselves about how to have healthy hair and to do this, some women just prefer to go natural.

Women are copying "celebrities" or each other...mmmhhh yeah okay. People get motivated and are encouraged by what others do, so it wouldn't be surprising if women are encouraged to go natural by others.

Okay so....all that being said...let me share you what I have learnt and from experience :

I have a colleague at work who used to be natural...I remember seeing her at work on one of her first few days and I was so excited she was natural then a few weeks later, at a crew meeting, her hair was bone straight.

By then we were friends so I asked her what she did to her hair and she told me she had permed her hair.

I was a bit surprised but the real revelation came a few days ago when we were leaving work together and she was telling me about a great natural hair page for me to check out and everything and we ended up touching on how she used to be natural and do you know what she told me?? She said (more or less quote), that she might have stopped perming her hair but in her mind, she had not made the transition.
She said she might go back to natural after she had made the change in her mind.

Her words shocked me.

But it made me realize that you cannot just go natural because of the next woman or a "celebrity" or because you love jumping on bandwagons.

You can stop perming your hair, do the BC and eveything but if you have not made that transition in your mind, like my friend said, if it was not YOUR desire, or something you really wanted, I believe the probability you will eventually end up perming your hair again is high.

Going natural is not a trend and it can never really be. 

How can the very hair that grows out of our scalp be a trend?

Clothes are trendy but natural hair??

Please let's not forget that natural hair is and should be the norm. 

Anybody can do whatever they want to their hair :  perm, texturize...whatever but we should not forget that natural hair is the norm.

To me, perming is more the trend, a sort of practice that our ancestors have developed but that is now dying down as we, the new generations, educate ourselves and embrace our heritage.

Please, do not misunderstand me, anybody has the right to do anything to their hair but do not say that natural hair is a trend that comes and go.

My kinky roots tell me otherwise...it tells me, my hair, my God given hair, is always going to be around and whether I choose to hide it with weaves, alter it with perms or texturizers, is my choice but that will never change what really grows out of my scalp.

That's my take on it.

I don't know why but this post was quite hard to write but I hope you get my angle.
Tell me yours.



  1. I totally agree! Natural hair is NO trend! It stands for sooooo much more than that


  2. I agree! It is a mental and physical transition that one must go through, if you are use of having straight hair. Good post!

  3. Preach! I'm with you ladies, a trend is something that passes and gets thrown away after a while. I was born with this hair, my ancestors were born with this hair and my predecessors will be born with this hair so I'm not really understanding how people are considering natural hair a "trend." I will say that a lot of folks have gotten HIP to the natural hair game though and I'm all for it!

  4. Well said sis! ITA that natural should be the norm!

  5. @ Dominique-Alexis : Oh yes it does!!

    @ Ms-gg : Thanks sis!! Indeed!

    @ Kiki : Yes, ridiculous how something that comes naturally can be seen as a trend. YAY to the GROWING natural hair community :D

    @ Thanks hun!! Yes it should be!

    Thanks ladies for all your lovely comment and input!!

  6. I agree with you all! How is what came from your head at birth a trend? So...would being brown-skinned be a 'trend' as well?!

    Wearing skinny jeans= trend
    Dark nail polish=trend

    BUT..What might be considered a trend is the level of fanfare for Natural Hair (the blogs, the You Tube, all the new products)
    What do you all think?

  7. @ CocoaChick : Yes sis! You are right! It's like saying the fact that not every black woman bleaches their skin is a trend...it's just sounds ridiculous. You are also right, the trend is in all the new blogs, YT channels and all BUT to me, this is much more than a trend because these things exist and are growing because we as natural divas want to educate ourselves about our natural hair and these days, the only thing we can rely own is our own experience and other naturals' experiences...All these things are here to help us. The talk about products is also becoming a sort of trend but it's one that can never really live up to a trend because at the end of the day, we all end up only using products that work for our hair!


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