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Friday, July 22, 2011

Skin Care : My Cleansing Oil + Method

Blessings and love ladies!!

I pray all is well with you and yours...

Today I'm going to be talking about my cleansing oil.

It's been more than a month since I got serious with my skin care routine and came up with a real regimen.

I know I haven't updated you yet on what it entails but it's because I'm still trying one or two things out.

However, there are some things that I have started doing but I'm not looking to stop doing any time soon because they work so well...

One of those things is : oil cleansing.

I'd actually never heard of the oil cleansing method and when I first did I was like "who would want to use oils to clean their face? Ugghh what a mess!". I also thought cleaning your face with oils provoked pimples.

Little did I know that I was far from the truth.

So, on my quest to healthy, glowing skin, I decided to try this out. At first I used only, coconut oil, then moved on to olive oil...they were okay but it's my present mix right now that is doing wonders.
I always use it after cleansing my make up with milk as described in this post. The milk cleansing stage is just a preliminary that helps open the pores and clean of a bit of the make up but the oil cleansing part does THE JOB! This stuff removes eye liner and mascara like soap removes dirt...It really cleanses the face better than any make up remover.

Here's the recipe I'm working with right now :

● Sunflower seed oil 70% : This is the main oil. You can use olive oil as the main oil but sunflower seed oil is so light it's ridiculous and it just seems to penetrate the skin so easily
● Olive oil 19% : Moisturizes and cleanses
● Castor oil 10% : Has a strong cleansing effect and also anti-inflammatory and healing properties.  Do be careful though, you don't need a lot of it because it can dry out the skin. If you have dry skin like myself, I advice about 3-10%. If you have oily skin, you can go up to 30% depending on how oily it is.

Vitamin E oil 1% : Cleanses and removes grime and dead skin cells. It also moisturizes, has anti-ageing benefits and protects the skin from the sun's UV rays. Another thing that makes this oil a great component to your cleansing oil is that it's good for any kind of skin. And don't forget, vitamin E oil also serves to preserve your cleansing oil mix since it's an anti-oxydant!

Tea tree Essential oil less than 1% (just a few drops) : This precious essential oil cleanses and gets rid of any bacterial infection.

It's now up to you to play with the ingredients and see what is best for your skin. There are other great carrier oils that can be used or added like jojoba oil, coconut oil etc.

To cleanse with this oil, here's what I do :

● I rinse off the milk with really warm water to make sure my pores are really open. 

● I apply some of the oil (not much, a little goes a long way) on my palms and rub then together then I massage my face with the oil for a few minutes with my eyes closed. I massage my eye lids, forehead and the rest. I normally spire to do this for at least two minutes but I am no so patient but even a few seconds of massaging does the cleansing...

● I use piece of cotton wool to clean off the oil and you'd be surprised at what you'll see!!

● I later go on to wash my face (more on my regimen later)

● My face feels clean, moisturized and smooth after cleansing with the oil

There is another method though...the steaming method. After applying the oil to your face, apply a towel that had been rinsed in warm to hot water and steam your face for a few seconds before cleaning off the oil. Though I haven't tried this method yet (will be soon by the grace of God) but I've heard it works wonders too!!

I seriously advice you lovely ladies to try the oil cleansing method because this stuff digs out most of the dirt and grime commercial products don't even get to without causing any allergic reaction what so ever. 
It can be used everyday, with or without make up and don't forget to apply this method depending on what type of skin you have.

For now, I am loving this mix so much! Try it and you'll see why!

Do you do the oil cleansing method? If so which mix do you use and how do you do this?



  1. THIS IS SO TRUE! I do have oily skin and I break out A LOT! But this method saved my life ! AND I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING! SERIOUSELY , GIRLS, YOU NEED TO TRY THIS OUT.
    BUT I USE MORE OF CASTOR OIL THAN YOU ( cuz I have oily skin)

  2. @ mrslidya : wow! I've heard that this method works wonders for oily skin! Yes castor oil really helps regulate the oiliness of oily skin! Thanks for the input hun!


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