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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shikakai Powder Experiment


Blessings and love beauties!!

I pray all is well with you and yours...

I just quickly came by to tell you about my shikakai powder experiment...

I'm sure many of you know what the shikakai (also known as Acacia Concinna) powder already is but just in case, it's a tree native to Asia and is one of the Ayuverdic medicinal plants. To get the powder, it's leaves, fruit pods and bark are dried and then grounded together.

Here are a few benefits of shikakai powder :

● Cleanses

● Gets rid of dandruff

● Strengthens the hair and roots

● Conditions the hair

I purchased my shikakai powder online from curiosity, after hearing so much about it.

Here's what I did :

● Mixed 3 parts of shikakai powder with 7 parts coconut milk and mixed until I got a thick paste

● Added the mix to my hair

● Waited about an hour then rinsed

Here are my results :

● Cleansed the hair

● Strengthened the hair

● Did not dry out hair

I do like the shikakai powder. I felt it really cleansed the hair and strengthened it, though I did not really notice the conditioning effects. Though it did not dry my hair out, it was not moisturizing at all so it's best to add some moisturizing agent to the mix. I don't believe I needed to leave the mix on for so long though...I think thirty good minutes or so is enough. One thing I didn't really like though were the small brown grain-like "things" it leaves in the hair. I don't really know what to call them but I believe they might be a part of the grounded bark. Let me just say that these "things" are not so obvious though instead, you can later feel them when manipulating the hair. Another thing is, they are not so much and I think it's partly my fault. To get these "things" out it's best to take time to thoroughly rinse the shikakai powder out...something I was a bit too impatient to do.

So, would I use it again? Definitely. It's a great alternative to shampoo and gives the hair a new kind of strength!

Have you tried shikakai powder? If so, what do you think and how do you/did you use it?


  1. Shikakai is my staple 'shampoo' now. I usually always start with a hot oil treatment for at least an hour (you have obviously experienced how drying shikakai powder can be, lol). What I do is mix some shikakai powder with some water and half a handful of flaxseed (linseed in the UK). Boil that mixture for about 10 mins on medium heat. Strain it. Pour it on my hair (it's not thick at all. I do more like a tea rinse). Cover my hair with clingfilm for about 10 minutes. Start rinsing out with warm water for as long as possible. Load my hair with rinse-out conditioner and leave that on for about 10-15 minutes. The final conditioner step ensures I don't have any 'grains' left afterwards. Hope that helps!

  2. @ Anonymous : Hey! You are definitely right, shikakai is not moisturizing at all and I have learnt it the hard way lol! Wow, that sounds really good! I have been wanting to try flaxseed as a conditioner but I think I might have to try your method! Yes, I will certainly have to take more time to rinse...*turns off impatient mode*. Many thanks for the tips! :D


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