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Monday, July 11, 2011

Hair Update : My "Neutral Henna" Experience


Blessings and love ladies!!

I pray you have all entered into this lovely week safe and sound, with joy in your hearts...

I wanted to come and share my experience with the "neutral henna".

I tried this on my last wash day for the very first time...I'd actually never heard of it before and I'd given up henna because I didn't want to color my hair. So last month, when I was doing some research online, I found the "neutral henna". Basically, neutral henna is not really henna but the powder from the Casisa Italica leaves. It basically has the same properties as henna, according to the sources I consulted, but without the color. It's green in color and smells a lot like very strong tea.

So I gave it a go, here's how it went...

What I did :

● I mixed 3 portions of the henna with 10 portions of coconut milk to form a thick paste

● Put it all over my hair, from roots to end

● I then put on a plastic cap and a bonnet and waited for one hour before rinsing

A few benefits of the neutral henna :

● Cleanses the strands and scalp thoroughly

● Strengthens

My results

After rinsing my hair, I was a bit disappointed...but wait, this was my fault I was expecting my hair to be moisturized but this is not the neutral henna's job. On the other hand though, my hair did feel MEGA clean and stronger. The strands did not tangle but rather stood on their own. The neutral henna is truly 
a good cleanser....It cleansed so much I nearly decided not to shampoo afterwards.

Another benefit is that it does not dry the hair but it also doesn't moisturize, instead it strengthens. 
This is a very good alternative to shampoo (only for naturals that do not use products that contain water insoluble ingredients like silicones). 

I do like it but I'm going to be using it as an alternative to shampoo. Though I used it as a prepoo treatment, it definitely isn't one, unlike the rhassoul clay that can cleanse and moisturize.

Unlike the real henna, I doubt the neutral henna can be found in Indian stores...I would most likely recommend the internet.

Have you ever tried the "neutral henna"? If so how and what were your results?



  1. Never tried it! But I just hate henne! It's so difficult to use, I'd like trying rhasssoul

  2. Really?? Rhassoul clay is a keeper though! Thanks for stopping by sis!

  3. I had to learn the hard way that Henna does not moisturize! Lol, but I think I've got it now ;) I usually use Henna for darkening my hair (I use the black/indigo) but I have yet to try a neutral Henna. Thanks for sharing sis, you reminded me that I'm about due for a good strengthening treatment.

  4. It's always a pleasure Kiianah!! I was thinking of trying the black/indigo henna but I really do not want any color...I'd better stick to the neutral one then :)

  5. My Cassia Recipe:

    100 gr. Cassia
    1 Can Coconut Milk and/or Greek Yogurt (Whole Fat=Moisture)
    2 TBSP Raw Honey
    2 TBSP Coconut Oil
    2 TBSP Silk Amino Acid

    Place Coconut Milk and/or Yogurt in a container, little by little add Cassia Powder until it's a very thick, yet pliable consistency add in remaining ingredients until a smooth cake batter consistency. Slap in in section by section (Bantu Knot each section upon completion), leave in for 2-3 hrs. Rinse thoroughly, Co-Wash then DC!!!


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