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- Psalms 27 : 1

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hair Update : Length Check July 2011 + Length Long Term Goal

Blessings and love ladies!!

I pray you are all having a great weekend...

It's that time again...

Length check time!

Yes, I have decided to check in every two months and every six weeks to be doing a progress check.

I have also decided to have goals, both long term and short term goals.

I started my natural hair journey for healthy hair and all the benefits that come with it...but if the hair is well taken care of and properly looked after, length retention would not be a problem. Therefore, even though length is not my primary goal, it is something I am going to be using to gauge my progress.

But before I spell out my goals, here are is my length for this month :

Nape hair

Nape hair


I'd parted my hair down the middle...thus my scalp was showing...

[Don't mind my face, or expressions in these pictures...I actually had a cold during this week and my face just looked...you know]

Now let's compare this month's length from my last length check :

Considering that hair grows more or less half a inch per month, I should have grown 1 inch of hair in between May and July and looking at the pics, roughly, I'd say I retained that one inch or so of length.

One important note [to self] is that I have to try and improve on these length check pictures to make them easier to compare.

Alright so now, for my goals.

Concerning my length, my long term goal for now is :

Bra-strap length and I have given myself 6 months to get there. For now, that's my longterm goal. If I reach it before January 2012, well then, alright! 6 months should be enough for this goal, if not more than enough... I might add on other longterm goals, we'll see.

My short term goal right now is : 

Retaining as much length as possible, that is, avoiding breakage and damage no matter what! To attain this, I am going with my new found motto : "maximum care and minimum manipulation".
I have noticed I still have some work to do when it comes to being gentle with my hair. Another thing is, there are some things I do to my hair that are just not necessary but rather they just cause unnecessary breakage (please check out the Breakage 101 Series for more information). 
As the summer season ends and fall hits, I think I might start a protective style challenge, I really don't know yet but it's as God wills. I know I normally protective style my hair anyway, but I'm talking about protective styling for weeks at a time and just leaving my hair alone...
Another thing I'm going to need to work on are the treatments I do...many of my treatments have really been helping my hair so much ... Consequently, I want to improve the type of treatments I do to my hair and the timing too...
For this goal, I give myself three months, that's until October 2011...I'll check in and see how well I'm taking care of my hair...

All this by the grace of God!

Enough ramblings for one night!

Do you do length checks? If so, do you have any goals?



  1. Great progress!!!Love your blog already :)

  2. Thanks sis!! I'm glad you are liking the blog! :D Thanks for the follow!

  3. @ ptite fro : merci ma soeur!! :D

    @ Precious : Thanks hun!! :D

    @ Ms-gg : Thank you sis! :D


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